Agudah Achas – A Force Of Unity


bw3-credit-mendel-meyersIt’s a new day in the world of Jewish music and you want to be part of it. Agudah Achas – One Heart by Beri Weber hit the market earlier this month. The release of this album expands the musical experience Beri has offered us thus far. In this latest release, the artist in Beri thoroughly shines through as he draws his listeners with depth, purposefulness and authenticity.

During a phone conversation with producer and manager Eli Lax, YWN learned that the production of this album wasn’t your run-of- the-mill process. Top resources were carefully selected to highlight Beri’s unique artistic capabilities. Eli collaborated with Mendy Hershkowitz and Chezky Broyer from Sonic-Duo to ensure that Beri’s true colors are not dimmed. “Beri lives each day by the messages he portrays in his music,” explained Mendy Hershkowitz. “It’s heartwarming to watch his creativity flow with such ease.”

The album ranks top in quality and above standard. What sets Agudah Achas apart is the dedication and attention that Beri devoted to every note, composition and even the artwork to ensure that this masterpiece, Agudah Achas, denotes his true essence and talent.


“The album was created at an incredibly high level and conveys impressive originality,” commented composer Yitzy Waldner. “Beri’s vocals are fantastic. Agudah Achas is an absolutely phenomenal production,” he said.

Furthermore, Agudah Achas demonstrates that Beri is much more than a star vocalist; he paints a picture with every song he sings weaving in profound messages of hope and inspiration. In this album a song is never just a song, it’s a musical journey that opens up its listeners to a new dimension of connection and unity.

Beri has a genuine artistic energy that is attracting a rapidly expanding fan base. His album features a range of musical genre that resonates with listeners across the spectrum of Klal Yisroel. Everyone can relate to Agudah Achas in their own way and can view this album as their story, their song. The colors and tones of this album reflect Beri’s diverse talent. This is BERI.

It is not surprising that fans are eagerly awaiting Beri’s upcoming concert in New York this winter where he will share with his audience the story of Agudah Achas. Beri is an interactive artist. His fans know it and they want to be part of this amazing story. They want to participate in BERI LIVE.