Maklev Calls On The Government To Establish A DNA Database


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1MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Uri Maklev wants the government to establish a DNA database. He explains that while the Knesset Law Committee has given the green light to reveal information pertaining to the missing Yemenite children, this will not lead to the desired results. He is calling for a government-funding nationwide DNA database.

During the meeting, which he chaired, Maklev expressed his hope that revealing the information after so many years will assist in uniting families. He feels the government has a responsibility to get to the bottom of the case dealing with the Yemenite children and a national DNA database funded by the government is the way to achieve this.

Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, who participated in the meeting, explaining medical information of the Yemenite children will of course not be released. Information that will assist in uniting them will be released, with Hanegbi added additional information will be released on a need to know basis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)