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Kerry’s Upcoming Speech – Op-Ed

kerry3>American Jewish leaders and US politicians must call upon Secretary of State John Kerry to adhere to the principals of full disclosure, and complete honesty prior to his speech today.

Today at 11 AM, Secretary of State Kerry will purport to lay out his vision for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But he will also do something else. He will continue the Watergate-esque lies hiding the Obama Administration’s lies as to its role behind Friday’s UN resolution.

Last week, the United States allegedly orchestrated a UN resolution calling for an end to settlement construction while simultaneously declaring them illegal.

Kerry will discuss the abstention when he speaks at the State Department at 11am, a senior State Department official announced. “We believe that with the two-state solution in peril, it is important to share the deeper understanding we have developed of both sides’ bottom lines during intensive consultations in recent years,” he remarked.

It has been revealed, however, that the Obama administration and its spokespeople have purposefully obscured and actually lied about its involvement in orchestrating the UN resolution.

This past November, Secretary of State Kerry snuck into New Zealand for a quick visit. The press was lied to and was given to believe that the burning issue was Syria. Clearly, the meeting was about supporting this anti-Israel settlement resolution. New Zealand has a seat in the Security Council.

The UN resolution also completely ignored the very Oslo Accords signed on the White House lawn between Yasser Arafat and Yizhak Rabin in the presence of US President Bill Clinton and witnessed by the EU and Russia.

The Oslo Accords divided the West Bank into three zones. Area A was put under the civil and security administration of the Palestinian Authority. Area B was given to the PA for their civil rule while the security elements were agreed to be a joint Israeli-PA project. Area C was designated to be under complete Israel civil and security control until a future permanent peace agreement will be worked out.

Mr. Kerry must be told in no uncertain terms that dishonesty matters. He must be completely forthcoming in the Obama administration’s secret hand behind it all.

PM Netanyahu should today simultaneously release the evidence of the purposeful lying.

If Russia has admitted today to purposeful Olympic doping, the least Mr. Kerry can do is be honest about his role in arranging this most devastating of UN resolutions.

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  1. An Egyptian news site reported it was the US behind the recently passed anti-Israel resolution. And the vote was NOT about settlements but about Israel’s “illegal occupation of Palestinian territory” in general.
    Israel must thank liberal Jews for getting that illegal anti-Semitic Muslim crook in office for 8 years.

  2. הן עם לבדד ישכון ובגוים לא יתחשב
    Time to realize this… Make friends, partners, etc. but never rely on them completely. They aren’t your friends for any altruistic reasons – they have their own selfish interests in mind.

  3. I don’t anyone, including “progressive” jews, who think the Administration’s decision to abstain on Friday’s U.N vote on settlements made any sense, regardless of one’s position on the issue. The timing was terrible and locks in the new Administration. However, Netanyahu’s behavior has been equally inept and he is further alienating any “friend” EY may have. His “stick in the eye” approach to appeasing his right wing coalition partners going back to the announcement of the new settlements on the day of Biden’s arrival in EY several years ago, to the Congressional speech on Iran, etc. have created real barriers with even EY’s friends in the Administration and Congress. If EY thinks it can survive in the world today with no friends, other than a few of Trump’s loyalists, it is a big mistake.

  4. if kerry continues the lies which we all expect then absolutely netanyahu should release the evidence. just to embarrass them. why not? theyre gone in 2 1/2 weeks (cant come fast enough!) anyway

  5. Obama didn’t do this only to hurt Bibi in vengeance.
    He most certainly wished to hamstring Trump’s Middle East police before it could even take hold. That was a true ambush.
    Let his legacy rest on his own leg.

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