Paul Ryan Elected To Full Term As Speaker Of The House


ryanRep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has been re-elected to serve as speaker of the House of Representatives during the 115th Congress, gaining 239 votes.

Ryan, 46, will serve his first full term as speaker after succeeding John Boehner in October 2015. Tuesday’s vote comes with little of the drama that accompanied Boehner’s election two years ago when 25 House Republicans voted for someone other than Boehner.

Ryan will lead the GOP charge to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health insurance law and cut taxes and regulation.

Democrats nominated Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California for speaker. She received 189 votes and will serve as House minority leader. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio gained two votes, while Reps. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, John Lewis of Georgia and Daniel Webster each gained a vote.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says his message to the American people is that “we hear you, we will do right by you and we will deliver.”

Ryan was speaking in the House chamber after winning election Tuesday to serve his first full term as speaker. Ryan says Americans have been looking to Washington for leadership but all they’ve gotten is condescension.

Ryan says it’s time not to be timid. He says: “You can feel the winds of change.”

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says House Democrats will seek common ground with Republicans when they can on issues such as investing in the nation’s infrastructure and making sure taxes and foreign trade are fair to worker. She says Democrats will stand their ground on attempts to harm Medicare, Social Security or the Affordable Care Act.