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NYPD Reviews Video That Appears To Show Officer Hitting Man In The Face

nypdThe New York Police Department is reviewing a video that appears to show an officer hitting a man in the face while he was pinned to the ground.

The phone video obtained by the Daily News was taken Dec. 31 from a passing bus in the Bronx as the man was being arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges.

The video shows three officers crouched or kneeling around the man as he lay on the street. One officer’s arm swings wildly. The man being arrested eventually stands and is placed against a police vehicle.

The woman who recorded the incident is heard saying, “His face is bleeding.”

The NYPD said in a statement that the incident is under internal review.


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  1. The police are going through a change nationwide, where citizen journalists, armed with cell phone cameras are capturing their illegal shtick.

    Most cops are good, and most people getting arrested, deserve it. However, with any position of power, comes the tendency to abuse it, and that must be kept in check.

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