Multiple Jewish Schools In Multiple States Evacuated After Threats


btHundreds of children from multiple Jewish schools were evacuated after threats were phoned in on Monday morning.

YWN reported earlier that the Alper JCC school in southwest Miami-Dade located at 11155 SW 112th Ave was evacuated as well as the Miami Beach JCC located at 4221 Pine Tree Drive.

Shortly after, YWN confirmed that multiple other locations had been evacuated – including the JCA (Jewish Community Alliance) in Jacksonville FL, a JCC in Boca Raton FL, Nashville TN, Maryland, South Carolina, and California.

It is likely that additional locations have received threats and YWN is still unaware of them.

Police are taking these threats seriously, and are evacuating each location and having Bomb Squads and K-9 Units sweep each location.

Thankfully, as of now, all locations have been found safe, and students allowed to return to the buildings.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. To the degree that the FBI is still under the cloud of Obama influence, these will not be treated as connected events unless there is definitive proof that all threats are traced to the same number. There is serious logic missing here, and this will destroy the ability to address this adequately.

    While there are plenty of Islamic terror organizations,it remains a factual mistake to consider Islam a religion, and the terror activity a religious action. Nor is there always much organization to it.

    Rather, Islam is an ideology, and it represents a barbaric mission that fools the world by masking itself in the cloak of religion. Typical to all of Islam, dishonesty reigns supreme. The reason that Islamic terror exploits political correctness is because it can. It vindicates them, and makes their mission sound lofty and worthy of respect. The liberal minds that dominate western societies actually subscribe to the idiocy of PC, and that leaves us all stuck. It gets even worse when the leaders of a nation mortgage their lives to the perpetuation of this corrupt thinking. That is where Obama y”sh took us, and this is where Hillary wanted us to go.

    Look for the ideology, and eradicate this threat wherever it is found.

  2. This used to happen somewhat frequently during the ’80s, when I was in elementary school we had to evacuate a number of times because of bomb threats.
    It’s usually bored teenagers and nothing more, but law enforcement has to treat it each time as a real threat.