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Hamas Praises Helen Thomas’ Statement

Hamas affiliated Al Qassam website on Sunday, June 6th, regarding remarks made by White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

The website reports “This statement by Thomas Helen reflects the opinion of American majority in USA and all masses who support justice and peace in Palestine an  whole world.

“Moreover, her statement serves peace process in Middle East as they like to call it, to a very great extent.

“Peace process will be successful, only when Israel get out of Arab Areas ,Golan and occupied Palestine, then we can say that peace is happily achieved, otherwise, and as long Israel occupies Palestine and some Arab lands, peace will never be achieved and more headache will be brought to the world  by state of terror-Israel .

“Statement by Thomas Helen came as a result for the bloody massacre committed by Israeli navy in the Mediterranean sea in 31/5/2010, caused of murdering 20 civilian activists who are still having unknown fate.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

13 Responses

  1. wow helen thomas must be a real tzadekes if you are showing her womanly face. i am so impressed. i know what a difficult editorial decision it must have been to sacrifice the moral stance you take on not showing the sinful faces of women.

  2. I went to the Al Qassam site and could not find this. Is it possible that even they are embarrassed and had second thoughts?

  3. is that really a woman? i think im going to be ill! did G-d really create that?!? what species is that?!?! i thought it was jabba the hutt!!

  4. Helen is about 180 degrees out on this. It is the Palestinians and particularyly Hamas that need to leave the Israeli territory. I suggest the Arab countries unite to provide the Palestinians with a sovereign state far removed from Gaza and Israel. Let them all live there in peace and prosperity in their new Palestine. Very simple solutions that should eliminate the existing problems. Brothers helping brothers and their refugee families.

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