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5-Year-Old Chareidi Boy Seriously Injured in Blaze

A five-year-old boy from a prominent Chabad family sustained serious burns over his entire body R”L as a result of a blaze in Kiryat Malachi. The fire occurred on Tuesday night on Ben-Gurion Street in the Nachlas Har Chabad neighborhood. It appears that a lit candle toppled over and started the fire while the child was asleep. The candle was lit to permit the child to learn COL reports, explaining the child did not wish to awaken his brother who was asleep.

The blaze took place in the home of Shmulik Gelfrin. His 5-year-old son was seriously injured. Paramedics reported he was burned over 50% of his body.

Eliezer was rushed to the nearby Magen David Adom station with second and third degree burns. He received preliminary advanced life-support care and was transported to the hospital.

Eliezer Lipman ben Devorah Leah remains in very serious condition in an intensive care unit in Tel Hashomer Hospital and the tzibur is urged to include him in tefilos. The family adds his perek tehillim is 6.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Does it REALLY matter if the noy was “chreidi”, from a “Chabad” family, or that a six year old had lit a candle in his room to learn? A fellow Jew is in a very challenging and threatening situation. His parents are very likely being faced with having to make many decisions at rapid-fire speed. Does it matter? Would we not be adding merits if we simply poured out our hearts for this child as if it were our own?

  2. One more point: Don’t you think that the descriptions – 6 year old, candle, in order to learn, and chreidi – all present us with a great nisayon? (V’hamaivin yavin.)

  3. Shuali – you have a point but people musnt do things that are hazardous. there is an inyan of hishtadlus in life – we may not be negligent. My heart breaks for this little boy. I read the book “Who by Fire” – she describes the healing process. HASHEM YERACHEIM!

  4. Daniel Breslauer – Unfortunately I think so, unless there was no adult aware – which is also possible… we should give the benefit of the doubt, but precautions MUST be made.

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