Slonimer Rebbe Shlita: No Compromise, Not Even in Front of a Firing Squad


The Slonimer Rebbe Shlita released a harshly worded letter on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, after the High Court of Justice ruling of Tuesday, sending some of the Emanuel wives to prison.

The Rebbe Shlita states he is convinced the court is well-aware of the truth in the case, and the court’s words are simply lies, untruths to the core. The Rebbe explains this is a battle of faith against non-believers.

The Rebbe tells followers a day after the court decreed that nine Emanuel mothers must serve jail terms that the battle here surrounds a Torah lifestyle versus those who deny the validity of Torah. He stresses this is simply a test of emunah, our belief in HaKadosh Baruch Hu and the Torah way of life.

The Rebbe adds that if he really thought the judges believed there was truly discrimination at Emanuel’s Beis Yaakov, he would act differently, but this is not the case. “But since I have no doubt whatsoever that their words are baseless, this is simply a battle of emunah against k’fira, between the koach of kedusha and the koach of tuma, the sitra achra – a battle that we all knew would come near the end of days”.

“And in a battle of Kiddush Hashem, even if they stand us before a firing squad, there will be no compromise. Hashem is our King and we will continue in his path until our last breath”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. How’s this for Israeli High Court Logic:

    The court IS sending Jewish Mothers to jail because they supported sending their children to a remote Jewish neighborhood in order to…

    …get a Chareidi education.

    The court is NOT sending Arab Mothers to jail because they supported sending their children to a remote Jewish neighborhood in order to…

    …blow themselves up and kill civilians.

  2. one cant add to those words but perhaps we can help the jailed by doing our part and expressing our outrage to the way they have been wronged by contacting the following officals
    misrad hachinuch at [email protected]
    the israeli atty genrals office phone 01197226466521 fax 01197226467001
    The israeli president shimon peres who has the power of granting a pardon fax 01197225610037

    if anybody has further suggestion for people to contact please post

  3. B’mchilas kavod of the Rebbe shlita, using such phrases like ‘even before a firing squad’ will take what was until now peaceful demonstrations and a kiddush hashem and encourage the hotheads to be violent

  4. So how did the Kiddush Hashem rally of 200000 people help here? Did the justice department change there minds? You’re saying it yourself. It’s a war between Torah and kfira. Don’t you now see that they don’t get any messages by peaceful demonstrations, an act that does indeed have influence in any other country around the globe. Well, the Eida Hachareidis who are “melumed bemilchama” and have already gone through all this years ago, they know that no language would convince these reshoyim. The only thing left to do is literately try to stop their rishusdiga actions the most possible with physical mesiras nefesh, as was done by the heroic yungeleit who broke into the baracaedes and threw themselves under the tractors. And again I’m not refering to wild acts of damage.

  5. i am outraged at the bagatz verdict. i have a reply to the rebbe shlita’s letter. i am also addressing all the parties involved. (its very short and any one is invited to answer) one guy accuses a school of some discrimination. if there never was any in the emanuael beis yaakov, why has nobody been able to convince an impartial BEIS DIN of this fact over the past **4years**? (i am talking about BEFORE the court reshaim took the case which they didnt have to) he (lalum)is only one guy. if he was dead wrong, would this have taken so long? slonimer rebbe shlita, the truth is not hard to prove in a **BEIS DIN** so why did this even reach the ‘firing squad’?! anyone?

  6. This is what I wrote to the Misrad Hachinuch:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am very concerned about the verdict in the Emanuel Bais Yaakov court case. It is obvious that there is no discrimination against the Sephardic community when 35% of the student body is Sephardic. It seems to me that the court is fighting religion with its lies just like they did in Communist Russia. Are you a Communist or a democratic country? It doesn’t surprise me anymore that the State of Israel is loosing the support of the American government when you can not call yourselves the only democracy in the Middle East. Shame on you!

    Concerned From The USA

  7. Thank G-D for a true Godol BeYisroel and Torah Leader like the Slonimer Rebbe–I envy the Slonimer Chassidim who have such a truly great Rebbe.

    He has a profound insight into the true nature of the Secular Kofrim Oligarchy who rule Israel with an iron hand.

    We are, indeed, entering the last period before Moshiach, when the forces of atheism and immoraliity will try to totally extinguish the light of Torah. The Rebbe understands this, and, like the Chazon Ish before him, he is calling for mesiras nefesh–“Yeherag Ve’Al Yaavor!”

  8. Reply to minols:
    In my opinion, the Rebbe was trying to show that because the court knows exactly what they’re doing it becomes a situation of Sha’as Shmad – requiring one to even give up one’s life should it come to that. Had the judges simply not understood, it would not require giving up one’s life.

    Reply to farfrumt:
    I can see you do not live in Eretz Yisroel. I would like to answer your question by explaining some obviously missing facts. No one in Emanuel has gone to beis din because no one had a problem.
    The complaint was filed by a complete outsider who’s organization is backed by the infamous New Israel Fund (NIF). They are the same ones who look for, or invent, ‘human rights’ violations against Arabs or by the religious and bring them before the court.
    What the people of Emanuel could prove to a beis din is completely irrelevant to the petition of this moser.
    Still not convinced? The collapse of Cheftziba was the result of a very similar plot that dragged through the courts for years. That was also dead wrong. Unfortunately, an Israeli would not be the least bit surprised about something so obvious dragging out so long.

  9. TO: “An Israeli Chareidi” (NO. 9):


    The New Israel Fund (NIF), funded by the Ford Foundation, here in the USA, has sent in its lawyers from ACRI (the Israeli version of our ACLU)to create turmoil and chaos in the West Bank town of Emanuel.

    It’s all part of their strategy to chase all the Jews out of the West Bank, so the Arabs can replace them.

    The anti-Chareidi secular elements are delighted to participate in anything that would undermine the Hassidim.

    Rabbosai, we need unity, NOW. We are, ALL OF US, BEING ATTACKED, both in Israel and, right here, in the USA (Rubashkin).

  10. The court’s decision was made by Judge Edmund Levy, who adjudicated the Yigal Amir trial and thus built the Rabin coverup; and the whole ruckus was initiated by the New Israel Fund, the poster child of the Peres Peace Center.

  11. I think the Rebbe might be fanning flames of this issue. the mothers went to prison for contempt of court, nothing else. People must respect the court, even if we disagree with it’s decisions (which I also do).

    I am still a fan of the charedi world, but this whose parsha seems to be at odds with a charedi community shining the light of Torah on the rest of the Jewish people.

  12. #13 – “People must respect the court, even if we disagree with it’s decisions (which I also do).”
    But how far should our obedience to the secular government go? Obviously if they decreed that we could not keep kosher, shabbos, etc. we would disobey them, as we have countless times in the past. When the government makes laws against the Torah, the Torah must win. So why shouldn’t we disobey the courts for the sake of our children’s chinuch?
    (By the way, this is all a theoretical discussion seeing as the parents have all handed themselves in without a fight.)

  13. This probably requires another thread, but something that has been at the back of my mind for as long as I have been reading about this story (no more than 4-6 weeks via YWN) is, how do frum yidden ever expect to me mekarev the not yet frum (I’m an optimist) members of the community? It has been stated as fact that a wall divides the girls and in general the girls dont mingle together. If these non frum girls never have exposure to frum girls, and worse, they are told via a wall that we want no part of you, how can we ever expect them to see the beauty that is yiddishkeit? The same way we are concerned that “they” may rub off on “us” the wrong way, “we” can rub off on “them” in a positive way. The entire situation the way it has spiraled wildly out of control has probably extinguished whatever hope there was of being makarev these girls and their families.

  14. Actually (and having volunteered in the past for several anti-missionary groups I think this is a valid concern) the not yet frum are rather easy prey for folks like “jews” for j and the like. They say “look at what following rabbis gets you. Come to our school, no walls, wear what you want, eat what you want, do whatever you want on shabbos and feel free to mingle and make friends with our children.