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Offender Jailed Following Shomrim NW Intervention

[The following story has been posted in the YWN Shomrim Blotter as well.]

Three months after he was challenged by Shomrim NW and apprehended by the Metropolitan Police for threatening behavior while carrying a knife, Nyron Valentine Crichlow pleaded guilty this week at Wood Green Crown Court to both, affray and possessing an offensive weapon. For these offences he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of fifteen months and nine months to run concurrently.

In Bell Lane, Hendon, at 4pm on Purim afternoon, four Shomrim NW Community Patrol members approached the 21 year old suspect, after the suspect threatened an old man and pursued a woman and a twelve year old girl brandishing  an 8 inch blade. Following their instructions and training to the letter, parted him from his weapon by persuading him to put it on the ground and take four steps back. They then surrounded him, held him down and called for Police reinforcements who quickly arrived.  Local Police Officers arrested the suspect, who was then removed to Colindale Police Station.

Barnet Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Neil Basu praised members of Shomrim NW this week for their quick and professional response. Not only had Shomrim NW decisively proved their worth by helping to take criminals off the streets but two of its members had interrupted Purim festivities to issue full witness statements against the offender.

At the time a Shomrim spokesman said that “this was the third occasion this month when we succeeded in preventing a knife from being used as a weapon.” Shomrim NW have reason to be proud of their organisation, designed to cope with incidents like this one. Their disciplined reaction to a moment of crisis defused the situation which ended peacefully with the suspect safely in police custody and without harm being inflicted on anyone.

(Source: Dina Rosell, Jewish Tribune, London)

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  1. Well done shomrim!!!! again another fantastic result!! i had to deal with shomrim a few days ago and they were exccelent!! arriving beofre the police even after calling them second !!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  2. This took place in LONDON HENDON!! They are SIA trained which is basic training for security personal! so i guess they used those skills to apprehend the person!!

  3. Well Done!! Once again Shomrim have proved to be fabs!!
    And just for all of your knowledge, they didn’t touch the guy when making him put down the knife, now that is something! Thanx shomrim

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