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IDF Chopper Crash Brings Out Hate Messages On Romanian Websites

While the Israeli military helicopter crash in the heart of Romania was not widely reported in the European country, any reports on the incident in local websites were swamped with anti-Semitic talkbacks.

The website featured a broad report about the authorities’ estimates that the CH-53 Sea Stallion crash left no survivors, and the hateful talkbacks were quick to appear. “Six fewer Zionist terrorists – all the better,” one reader wrote. “They are exposing us to the terrorists’ dangers, and the money flows to the mafia generals,” another talkbacker said.

The stream of hostility continues down the page: “Romania is controlled by Jews. They rule over us and we follow their orders. Stupid people.”, “The Jews are in control in Romania, they slash our pensions to their advantage,” another reader wrote.

A talkbacker by the name of Gabriel wrote of the blow to the Romanian forces and said, “It is rather clear that they were cooperating with the Israelis to destroy Palestine.”

Another talkbacker, going by the name of “Tel Aviv” sent a threatening message against the abhorrent remarks. “Remove the anti-Semitic talkbacks, or you will be in trouble,” the talkbacker wrote.

A talkbacker on the TVR website said, “The question is, what are Israeli soldiers looking for in Romania? Of course, anyone who dares to ask will be crowned an anti-Semite.”

 (Source: Ynet)

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