Agencies Conduct Emergency Response Drill At Grand Central


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Several agencies including the city’s Office of Emergency Management took part in an emergency response drill Saturday at Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.

Emergency workers simulated a train accident, which included mock rescue efforts of 30 victims.

The drills are an exercise in communication between Metropolitan Transportation Authority safety officials and the city’s emergency responders.

“Well, obviously to meet our objectives, but basically to make sure the coordination and and communication amongst the emergency service agencies and the MTA come together to solve a problem,” said MTA Deputy Director of Safety Joseph Streany.

“How to get patients out quicker possibly, to use the resources, possibly the hazards that can come from incidents like this, hazards to us and the public,” said EMT Rezaur Raman.

The annual exercise is a federal requirement and is aimed at testing communication and coordination in an emergency.

Train service was not affected, and many passengers did not seem to mind.

A similar drill was also held at Newark Liberty Airport.

The Port Authority says flights were not affected.

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(Source: NY1)