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Allergy Season Hitting Tristate Area Hard

Heavy precipitation in the late winter and early spring caused tree pollen to explode in the last week or so in the tristate area.

Allergy sufferers and asthmatics are feeling the effects: a tickle in the throat, itchy eyes, runny nose and difficulty breathing.

Rain can bring some relief, but waiting for Mother Nature may take too long for people wanting to feel better fast.

Allergy experts say take the following steps to get some relief:

•shampoo your hair —  get rid of the gel, it’s a pollen magnet
•change your clothes before entering the bedroom
•when washing your face, make sure you wash your eyelids… use a mild soap or baby shampoo
•take your medications (allergy sufferers and asthmatics) before you need them
Certain foods including fruits and vegetables could make allergies worse this time of year.

You might want to consider avoiding apples, pear, plums, hazelnut and almonds. Health experts say they’ve been known to trigger allergic reactions.

Grass pollen season is expected to peak in June.

(Source: MyFoxNY)

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