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Remember To Say Tefilas Hashla

Is your teenage son struggling? Is your daughter underachieving? Erev Rosh chodesh is an auspicious time to daven and pray in general and particularly for the success and hatzlocha of our most precious commodity, our children. The Shlah Hakadosh composed a special tfila a prayer for parents to daven for their children; the tfila is to be recited especially today erev rosh chodesh sivan, however it may be said at any other time as well.

The Mesivta of Eatontown is the premier Mesivta for bochurim who are striving to feel accepted and grow to the best of their innate abilities. It’s dedicated Rabbeim form a lifelong kesher with the talmidim, and gives each bochur the space and understanding they need to thrive. The Mesivta succeeds by creating an atmosphere that promotes positive growth and encouragement for each bochur to reach their fullest potential. When you daven for your children please have the students of the Mesivta of Eatontown in mind!

Through the atmosphere of love and encouragement that the Mesivta provides, we enable teenagers to re-invest themselves in their learning and Avodas HaShem. Although the Mesivta services students who are challenged in the mainstream, we have built the Mesivta on a standard Yeshiva High School model, offering a full schedule of shiurim and classes both in Limudei Kodesh and secular studies. We demand and expect our students to adhere to the rules and programming. This balance of love, encouragement, and concern with expectations, accountability, organization, and direction creates a nourishing, nurturing atmosphere and a clear direction for its bochurim to follow and succeed.

The Mesivta boasts a proven track record, with over 90% of its students going on to study in Beis Medrash in Eretz Yisrael after graduation. Some bochurim have begun college classes (and many of those are concurrently learning in yeshivos), others are still learning full time, and some have entered the workforce. All will attest to the fact that it is due to the education and guidance that they have received from the Mesivta that has enabled them to become upstanding and contributing members of the community.

Your support for the Mesivta of Eatontown is crucial and will enable us to keep these precious boys in the Yeshiva system!


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