During the Quiet of Bein Hazmanim, PM Has Kosel Renovations Approved, to Prepare Reform Area


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Following the crisis surrounding the renovations at the Kosel to accommodate a “prayer area” for Reform and Conservative Jews, the renovations have been approved ‘under the radar’, Walla News is reporting.

The chareidi parties in Knesset were threatening to break from the coalition. Pressure was applied on Minister of Religious Services David Azoulai, Minister of Culture Miri Regev and Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked to quit the ministerial committee to halt the planned renovations. They all quit, and then Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to move ahead, appointing Minister Yuval Steinitz to replace them. He did not accommodate the religious pressure and move ahead they did.

The law demands that al work conducted on religious sites be approved by the special committee. With those opposing it out of the way, using Steinitz, the committee approved the planned renovations despite objections from Azoulai, the Minister of Religious Services.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)