Poll: Romney Holds A Slight Lead In Illinois


Mitt Romney leads the GOP field in Illinois, according to a Fox Chicago News-We Ask America poll released Friday.

Romney is at 37 percent, followed by Rick Santorum at 31 percent, Newt Gingrich at 14 percent and Ron Paul at 8 percent.

The Illinois primary will be held next Tuesday, and with 69 delegates at stake is the biggest primary until New York in late April.

Romney has massively outspent his opponents in Illinois. The Romney campaign and associated super-PAC have purchased $3.4 million in advertising in the state, compared to Santorum and his related super-PAC’s $310,000 worth of ad buys.



  1. Time for adelson to switch ponies, I don’t know if Santorum has any chance of beating Obama, but his record on Israel and family values is very impressive.

  2. 1. ANYONE can and should beat Obama! His socialist record speaks volumes. His hatred for the greatness of the USA speaks volumes. His economic policies have hurt us greatly.

    Anyone who votes for Obama is ignorant or an Obama Zombie!