Photos: Misaskim Responding to Pedestrian Struck in Flatbush


IMG_0481.jpg(Click HERE for photos) 1:25PM EST: Flatbush Hatzolah is on the scene of a pedestrian struck at Avenue R and Ocean Parkway – in front of the Mirrer Yeshiva. Unknown the extent of the injuries.

UPDATE: 1:30PM EST: Units are now requesting paramedics to respond forthwith.

UPDATED: 2:35PM EST: Due to the extent of the injuries, Misaskim units are standing by on the scene and awaiting instruction from the NYPD Highway 2 Units.

(YW-104 / YWN Desk)


  1. I heard that he died in Lutheran hospital.
    name is Michoel Belkin 73 years old.
    Misaskim is Amazing! keep up your great work!