BOTH PHOTOS: Warsaw 1943, Kikar Shabbos 2011


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Just to help our readers understand what type of statement the Charedi extremists in Kikar Shabbos were trying to make on Motzei Shabbos, we have posted the attached photos to compare.

Please note that the WWII photo was taken as women and children HY”D were being rounded up for extermination by the German YM”S, in Warsaw, 1943.

The animal on the right with the gun pointing down is 31 year old mass murderer Josef Blösche YM”S, SS butcher of innocents in the Warsaw Ghetto. He was captured in East Germany in 1967 and executed in 1969.

The other photo was taken on Motzei Shabbos in Kikar Shabbos, as Charedi extremists tried to compare the discrimination of Charedim in Eretz Yisroel to the killing of 6 million Kedoshim HY”D.


YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for other photos taken at the Hafganah in Kikar Shabbos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Well taken except for one point. I strongly object to your characterization of the SS butcher as an “animal.” That’s a gross insult to a lot of animals I’ve known.

  2. Yeshiva World is to be lauded for their determination in clarifying to the public the major difference between the perceived bias felt by extremist Chareidis and the atrocities taking place during WWII. Ive never been one to defend Chilonis, but the photo of the child wearing a yellow star in 2011, leaves me aghast. Chilonis are not quite Nazis.

  3. While what the Chalonim are doing is terrible, when I see Jews putting on the yellow star portraying themselves as Nazi victims, I think of my grandparents, aunts and uncles who were rounded up and killed and I just want to throw up. Chalonim are just one of many groups of Jews fighting Jews. There are no death camps in Israel. Chalonim are not making soap and lampshades from Charaidim. PLEASE! Don’t diminish the kedoshim from WWII.

  4. Where are all the Rabanim and askanim demanding asifois against this type of behavior? They are quick to ban the internet and other modern day technologies yet when one of their own create the bigest chilul Hashem possible, they are silent. There is something terribly wrong here

  5. Yes they were making a powereful statement about where the kind of racisim exhibited by the media leads to. Judging by the reactions I’d say they were effective

  6. Shame on you Yeshiva World News

    In the past few days you have posted countless derogatory articles about our frum brethren. Given a few people might be a bit extreme or abit too extreme in some instances. but that does not allow for a site that claims to be a frum news site to be bashing the chareidi tzibbur in eretz yisroel and constantly painting a bad picture of the chareidim in Eretz Yisroel this is completely unacceptable not that any body making a chillul hashem is any more acceptable but it is absolutely unacceptable to keep posting articles that put the chareidim in Eretz Yisroel in a bad light thereby giving the people who hate us ammunition to do so.

    Just today alone i can count at least 5 articles shedding horrible light on the chareidi tzibbur thereby creating a massive chillul hashem and even making frum people think about chareidi people negatively This is unacceptable and should be immediately stopped and all negative articles removed. there may be a few crazy people that do extreme things but why isnt YWN posting all the terrible things that secular people do How about the crime rate in secular israli schools how about the drug use rate in those secular schools or how about the fact that teachers in secular israeli schools must come armed for fear of attacks by students for some reason that is not as terrible as 5-6 crazy people whos are all mixed up and dont know how to react to things PLEASE CHANGE THE NAME OF THE SITE FROM “THEYESHIVAWORLD” to “THESECULARWORLD” as thats who it looks like you are reporting for.

    Editors Note: Wow! What a brilliant response to how these people trampled on the memory of 6,000,000 (read SIX MILLION) Jews. Did you work on this response yourself, or did you receive help? If you wrote it alone you should be proud of yourself. A masterpiece, “Mr. Shame On YWN”.

    SW” Editor.

  7. This is too horrifying. I cannot come up with even a few words to defend these actions. This is such a chillul Hashem , and once the mainstream media gets a hold on this, OH BOY. How can we expect the world to respect us, and to help us fight antisemitism, when our own “people” think that it is ok to do THIS?. I hope no survivors see this, as this would be twisting the knife so to speak. YWN should not have even posted this disgraceful picture we do not want anyone else in the world to see this and possibly think that Klal Yisroel is condoning these actions they need to remove this picture now.

  8. While the difference is not to be compared. There is one comparison the nazis ym”s were exterminating our bodies and the message here is that the secularists are here for one thing to exterminate or NESHAMA h”yr. We need to let our voices be heard that it is a country of freedom of religion and we shall be discriminated upon in general for what a few criminals are doing.

  9. To poster number 9 you should be ashamed of yourself. You want to blame this news site which is so careful on how and what they publish for the problems in Israel and the way secular media reports about us?

  10. I agree that we need to let our voices be heard but there are many other ways of doing it. The way they did is not acceptable, how can they do such a thing ? i could have never think that a Jew would ever make a “play” of it.

  11. this is disgusting and embarasment to all people who died in the holocaust… what is going on the last 2 weeks in israel is an issue of a minority of an extreme sect of chasidim.. they have very little support… the cops have been amazing… i live here and i am a volunteer in the rbs police my cop friends have had rocks thrown at them poop thrown at them and god knows what else.. these people who act like this are not frum and in fact destroying religion and deserve whatever ends up coming to them…. they all belong in jail

  12. Not that I agree with the way it was done, but one thing is true DESTROYING PEOPLES SOULS IS MUCH WORSE THEN WHAT THE NAZIS DID! My problem isn’t that the Chilonim haven’t acted in the ways of the Nazis at times (like knocking someone off your car and intentionally driving over him), but that if this protest was about being discriminated then discrimination can’t be in the same sentence as Nazism. I’m still trying to understand what happened. Btw why didn’t the YWN editor when responding to a poster answer his points, instead just insulting the writer???

  13. “shameonywn”…shame on you! To say that is is 5 or 6 crazies is just plain incorrect. While it is true that it is not the entire charedi tzibur..not by a long shot, it is a fair amount, and someone needs to come out against it now. Not just us here on YWN but some big named Gedolim who have clout with the charedi, modern etc groups. You should not be defending ANY part of what went on here.

    Does noone find it child abuse, to forcefully dress your young child in concentration camp garb, and pose with your hands up as if you are about to be shot??
    The discrimination going on against the chareidim, although i do not believe all of it is justified, LETS NOT compare it to what the Jewish people went through during WORLD war 2. They were butchered, executed, burned alive, slaughtered in front of their family, nothing will ever be comparable to those times, and we should not defend those who are acting like they are suffering like those tzadikim.

  14. Thank you, YWN, for reporting that the Nazi butcher, YM”S in the photo was caught and executed. Best news I heard all day and makes me happy.

    As to the events in Israel, I believe there is enough blame on both sides to go around. I’m not going to choose sides, but there has to be more tolerance from both segments. After all, both the Chareidim and the chilonim are BOTH Yidden.

  15. Shocked at poster 9.

    Very glad YWN posted the background behind this famous historical picture which sums up the Nazi machine in action against our people. A lot of young people are not so familiar with it and need to know why the so called charedi demonstrators are so wrong and disrespectful to insult the memory of the dead. Insensitive and insular to a terrifying degree!

  16. I agree with #9. Being that many people don’t understand the real reason why these people are behaving the way they are, by posting such negative articles about them is unfair. Why don’t you write about how beuatiful and torahdik these people are. What’s wrong with potraying these yidden in a positive light? We wouldn’t want people to pick only on our negative, so why are you doing that to them? Noone is perfect and it is not for us to judge whether they are right or wrong, especiaally when our opinions are not making any difference to the situation. All it is doing is increasing sinas chinum and lashon hara.

  17. ilikejews
    “Why don’t you write about how beuatiful and torahdik these people are. What’s wrong with potraying these yidden in a positive light?”

    Have you totally missed it?! These nothing Torahdik about these wicked buffoons who dress their children this way. These people are NOT Torahdik in any way! They are the antithesis to Torah. The Torah is Deracheha Darchei Noam.

    Which siman in shulchon aruch did these shmoigers see that they may hit people? Curse people? Spit at people? Dress their children up as in the pictures? Make a mockery of the murder of 6 million Jews?

  18. dear YWN thanx for ur explanantion article what the protest was comparing to ww2. btw i remember recently in the news that the boy in the famous photo is alive & he saw his pic at the Holocaust museum, do u have any info or name ?

  19. Did the Allies win the war in the zechus of the American soldiers, or was it that HaShem intervened to cause a variety of “coincidences” that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (the Poles getting the plans to Enigma, bad coordination between Japan and Germany, a sudden switch in the weather on a certain June 6, the German dumbly failing to exploit modern physics due to their anti-Semitism).

    Do you believe that the survival of Eretz Yisrael is in the zechus of the hilonim who frequent acts can not be mention in YWN?

  20. #9 In the real world their are many different sources of news not just Yeshiva World, you should know what others are saying about you.

    It is not the cloth that makes a person frum. It not the extra chumrot someone chooses to follow that make a person frum.

    If a group of people choose to do something against Halacha and causes a chillul hashem than everyone needs to denounce them and distance themselves from them that group or else others will think you are with them and you are in effect enabling a chillul hashem.

    This group is a lot more than 20 people it mostly NK and they have several thousand supporters in B.S. Also many others agree with the out come and morally support them.

  21. Both pictures are sickening, in different ways. NOTHING can compare to the holocaust, least of all the discrimination against charedim. I’m shocked at how they just cheapened 6 MILLION murders like this.
    And #9 and #19 – the two biggest idiots I’ve heard from, you don’t seem to realize something important here. YWN isn’t making this stuff up, the things happening in Israel are REAL, unfortunately. So reporting on actual events isn’t a chilul Hashem. It’s the people (extremists) in these news stories that are making the chilul Hashem; it’s THEY that are shedding a horrible light on themselves.