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Israel To Start Reducing Gaza Electric Supply

kassam3.jpgIsrael will begin reducing the power supply to the Gaza Strip starting December 2, in response to the ongoing Kassam Rocket fire at Israeli communities along the Strip, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz told the High Court of Justice on Thursday.

According to the State Prosecution, the defense establishment has finalized preparations meant to ensure that the power reduction does not cause humanitarian harm Gaza.

(Source: Haartez)

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  1. It is a chidush that there are HUMAN(iterian)S in Gaza! Of course, they must not be harmed in any way. After all: MIDAH KENEGED MIDAH. Never do to others that they would not do to you.
    P.S. Do you know that EHUD OLMERT, as spelled in Israeli newspapers, is equal to 302 in gematria. That is the gematria of KEVER and REKEV [rot].

  2. “…the power reduction does not cause humanitarian harm…”

    I had a different thought

    construct a special chair and who every demonstrates that they want the electric back on by:
    a) firing missiles
    b) supporting those that fire missles
    c) cheering for those that fire missles
    d) cheering for the destruction due to the missiles
    strap them into the chair and flip the switch. give ’em enough juice to light up the whole city.

  3. It will never happen. Some bleeding heart Leftist in the Israeli establishment will complain about the human rights of nascent homicide bombers and that will prevent it from going forward.

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