Rabbi Metzger Breaks Down Before The High Court Seeking Mercy


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The state prosecutor on Thursday 10 Nissan expressed support for a plea bargain agreement with former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yonah Metzger. The agreement was presented to the High Court after a district court had rejected the deal earlier, sentencing the rabbi to 4.5 years imprisonment for his conviction of an plethora of white collar charges. Under the plea bargain, his sentence is 3.5 years, of which he will only have to serve 2 years, Walla News reports.

The prosecution told the High Court it has learned that there were errors in presenting the original plea bargain deal, errors the court called “cardinal”. Attorneys Tal Gabbai and Yehuda Fried told the High Court the deal had been accepted at the highest levels of the State Prosecutor’s Office and one of the reasons was to encourage public servants to admit to their actions and sign such agreements. The prosecution also explained there are difficulties regarding the integrity of the state’s main witness, Rabbi Metzger’s former driver and personal assistant.

In addition, Rabbi Metzger addressed the fact the district court stated he has not expressed remorse, standing before the High Court in tears, seeking the court’s mercy. “I was asked by Justice Moshe HaKohen if I had anything to add. I was unaware I was expected to express remorse before the court. I am stating now that I transgressed, sinned and broke the state laws. I do not have to be punished more. I have accepted responsibility for my actions” he told the High Court.

The rabbi is expected to begin serving his prison sentence on May 3, 2017. In addition, he has been fined NIS 5 million.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The former Chief Rabbi should be happy that he will not be in prison on Yom Ha’atzmaut. The Court has shown great mercy in allowing him to celebrate this Yom Tov with his family and friends. He is a crook. The plea bargain was fare too lenient and so is 4.5 years. Metzger’s many transgressions have been well known in the haredi world for many years. No one wanted to be the moiser which is why he was charged with so few offences.

  2. Yonah Metzger used his high office to make large profits for himself illegally. Instead of serving the public, he was serving himself in a very large manner.

    He deserves to be stripped of his titles and denied his very large pension!

  3. Wow! It is truly an embarrassing and very sad case. However, the previous commenters had better hope G-D judges them better than they judge another human being.

  4. To the commentator who said something negative:
    Let me quote you the Chafetz Chaim
    מי שפיו פתוח תמיד ואינו מקפיד על עצמו אפילו אם ילמד כל ששה סדרי משנה וכל הש”ס כמה פעמים כשיבוא למעלה לא ימצא אפילו גמרא אחת שתגן עליו

  5. I agree with you UncleMo. (that reminds me I had two Uncle Mos years ago!!). I think there is so much armchair judging on these sites. Do these people knwo the facts i mean know, and even if they do have they the right to judge. I find it very sad that so many ex-officios in Israel are or have been jailed, doesnt seem right somehow.