VIDEO/PHOTOS: 6 Arrested After Charedi Soldier Attacked Walking Through Meah Shearim


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Police on Thursday afternoon 10 Nissan made at least six arrests after persons attacked a chareidi IDF soldier.

However, this time the police were ready for the attack, as multiple undercover officers had been stationed in the area awaiting this type of incident that has become a common occurrence in the Meah Shearim area.

Police are continuing to operate in the area, seeking additional suspects.

Police decided to station the extra officers in light of the increase in attacks against chareidi soldiers.

Among those arrested was a child.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: קבוצת מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים)


  1. Yes, force them to go against their religion! (you could even hear this out loud from the zionist movement ravs) Stick it in their face! when they start yelling from pain, Hit them! Arrest their minors! The israeli govt knows all too well that this won’t result in bad publicity, hence they’re a soft target, and a fun target! A government full of COWARDS!

    Kaasher ya’anu oto kein yirbeh vkein yifrotz. Just wondering who’s actor imitating pharaoh.

  2. long overdue! We may object to other frum jew’s views, hashgofos, but it is still vital NOT to be violent. I wish these fringe group’s leaders would espouse the same. I don’t think any such behavior accomplishes anything [e.g. blocking traffic] except sinah towards all chareidim and Chillul hashem as voiced recently by several chareidi leaders. With sinas chinom we surely won’t merit Moshiach and Binyon Habayis. OIY LONU! NO KORBON PESACH THIS YEAR. HOW SAD! HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR.

  3. Sad but necessary.
    They likely have a דין of Rodef.
    Let them sit in jail until after Yom Tov or at least until Chol Hamoed.
    These are unprovoked attacked on other Yidden.

  4. The soldier was staged to provoke and cause an uproar.
    The hatred of the state against Torah and frum yidden is the worst hatred Torah has ever experienced.

  5. The “Charedi soldier” was sent in as bait for this operation.Why are the frum parties permitting this zealot baiting before pesach? This only increases the hatred and resentment of even more against the secular state.

  6. Lock them up until after Pesach. And no, because they didn’t order in advance there is no Mehadrin food available but there will be regular machine matzos for all as well as tasty gebrochts cakes. Sorry though the tissues do not have the ishur of the Eida so I hope no-one has a cold.

  7. @14 Listen you drama queen, i know yeshivas only teach the history they deem kosher, but before you mouth off with your asinine comment about this being the worst sina against Torah ever, please tell me about Chanukah…On another point, the state does not hate Torah as is evident by all the Yeshivos and all the Torah in Eretz Yisroel, what it does not and should not do, is tolerate this violent behavior because a small minority feels offended. If i join PETA now, can i go around to every chossid wearing a shtrimle on Shabbas and smack them around?

  8. Many of these comments sounds like they were lifted off the pages of Der Sturmer. Shame on you for such anti-Semitic remarks! And shame on YWN that bears the responsibility for publishing such anti-Semitc remarks! Let’s assume it was OK for the cops to set up a sting operation — which is not reported in your article, but in all the local media. Let’s say the guys who “assaulted” or “insulted” the “soldier” were wrong. Don’t you all see, doesn’t YWN see that you all are stoking the conflagration of hatred and machlokes??? Le’ma’an Hashem, someone here has got to be the responsible adult and put out the fires, not pour oil on them!
    Either stop pretending that you are zealous to combat the (supposed) “Chilul Hashem” — ostensibly being caused because any supposed insult to a soldier in “Hashem’s Army” is an affront to the Almighty Himself….
    Or just admit the simple truth: that the writers of these vicious comments are infected with some form of anti-Semitism. Or are at least vehemently anti-Chareidi. Which then sort of begs the question, why is a Chareid yeshiva website constantly promoting anti-Chareidi attitudes? Yeah, I know, you’re all opposed to the supposed “Chilul Hashem” — so it’s therefore alright to create more Chilul Hashem by cursing other frum Jews.
    Let’s stop the charade. And the hatred!