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Yolish Krauss Released From Prison By Presidential Pardon [PHOTOS]

Less than six weeks after entering Matisyahu Prison to serve a five-month prison sentence, Yolish Krauss received a presidential pardon. Krauss was convicted of operating an illegal slaughterhouse, imprisoned and fined 250,000 NIS.

The official statement read, “President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday 5 Tammuz decided to pardon Krauss after serving a large part of his sentence. Krauss, a resident of Meah Shearim, was sentenced to five months in prison after being convicted of tax offenses he committed when he operated an abattoir in Meah Shearim.

“Krauss is the father of 16 children, and his wife is due to give birth these days. The President’s decision was made in the wake of the severe family distress which, for reasons of privacy, cannot be expanded.

“It should be noted that the court ruled that the operation of the slaughterhouse, the applicant did not act out of money, but for religious ideological reasons”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Running an illegal slaughterhouse is a serious thing. This guy may want his own hechsher, and that is his business. But when there is a commercial slaughterhouse, there is a veterinarian on site and it is certified by the health department. People can stand up for this guy, but what will you say when people die from eating tainted meat? Most Israeli slaughterhouses allow groups to bring their own shochtim and animals so they can get their own hechsher while using the slaughterhouse’s Health Ministry certification.

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