Prosecution Will Not Seek Death Penalty For Terrorist Who Murdered The Members Of Solomon Family


The military prosecutor will not be seeking the death penalty for the terrorist charged with the murders of members of the Solomon family HY”D of N’vei Tzuf.

Following the barbaric attack, there were calls to seek the death penalty for the terrorist who murdered three persons at the Friday night table in their home. Despite this, it appears the prosecution is not going to seek the death penalty.

Officials in the office of chief prosecutor Major Eli Levatov explain they work day and night to bring terrorists to justice but the policy is not to seek the death penalty, even when the authority to do so is anchored in legislation.

“This policy has been examined over the years, including before the attorney generals, and it remains as is”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is common occurrence that these Terrorists eventually get released and perpetrate another murder. By not killing him the prosecutors are responsible for all future damage this rasha does.

  2. How about if it was a relative of the Attorney General. This terrorist should be put to death. Chos Vesalom if there is a next time make sure the terrorist is put in a way not to walk the street again and make he be spoon feed