Report: Some Arabs Employed As Medical Professionals In Eastern Capital Do Not Have Licenses


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According to a Channel 2 News report, there are many unlicensed Arabs working in the healthcare field in eastern Jerusalem, including some employed as physicians in the nation’s kupot cholim; including Meuchedet, Maccabi, Clalit and Leumit.

According to the report, the clinics are not operated by the kupot cholim but are franchisees. Shockingly, the report states some of the ‘doctors’ employed in these clinics are actually truck drivers and taxi drivers and not licensed physicians as patients believe to be the case. To verify the acts, an undercover reporter who has no medical training was hired in the various clinics.

A doctor is quoted telling Channel 2 that there are many unlicensed medical professionals at the clinics, including doctors or x-ray technicians, stating he is aware of one case in which an x-ray technician is working as a doctor.

The Ministry of Health has promised to probe the situation based on the report.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)