PHOTOS: Deputy FM Hotevely Makes Condolence Visits To Families Of Har Adar Terror Attack



Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotevely on Wednesday made condolence calls to the bereaved families whose loved ones were killed in the Har Adar terror attack.

Hotevely visited the mourning tent of the Gavria family, speaking with the parents and family members of First-Sgt. Solomon Gavria HY”D, the slain border policeman.

From there she traveled to Abu Gosh, to meet with the family of Yousef Utman HY”D, 25, one of two security guards killed by the terrorist’s gunfire. Family members told of their loyalty to the country and how Yousef was commended for being an outstanding soldier while serving in the border police. Hotevely told them they are proof that dual existence of different nations is indeed possible.

She also visited the family of Ori Arish HY”D, in Har Adar. She commented on how difficult it is that such quality young people fall so unexpectedly, those who loved their country, citing the battle against terrorism has been ongoing for 100 years, promising to continue fighting elements in the PA (Palestinian Authority) who encourage terror.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)