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Anger In Meah Shearim Over New Bank Notes Which Have Images Of Women On Them

Kol Berama Radio host Avi Maimon reports of objections to new 20 and 100 shekels notes by people in Meah Shearim, as both new bills have pictures of women.

Rumors of a boycott are circulating and Yishai Dricks headed out to speak with Yoli Krauss, the operations officer of the Eida Chareidis, to see if there truly is a boycott.

Krauss told Kol Berama Radio one should not use the bills and if one gives him a 100 shekel note with a woman on it he will not accept it. He adds most prefer to use US dollars but will use shekels, however the new ones with the women on it are not acceptable.

The new 20 shekel bill bears the portrait of the poet Rachel Bluestein, in red color and length of 129 mm. The new 100 shekel bill bears the portrait of poet Leah Goldberg, in orange color and length of 143 mm.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

15 Responses

  1. They are absolutely right. I think that any of these sinful notes should be disposed of and I will gladly provide them with my address so that they would have an appropriate place where they will not cause any harm

  2. and that is the biggest complain against the medinah?

    And most other countries have women on their money, and that has been case throughout the modern period

  3. Wow, this sounds serious. I wonder, what’s on the other side of the bill? Why not just turn it over and handle or count the bills with the other image facing up?

  4. Just when you thought Yoli Kraus, the so called “Operations Officer” for these Eidah loonies had proven that stupidity has its limits, he reminds us that we were wrong. If they don’t want to take change in the new 20 and 100 NIS notes, that’s fine.. the vendor would simply thank Yoli and his chevrah for for the gratuities. If I recall, Golda Meir’s image was on earlier versions of official currency and as another poster noted, every civilized country in the world, except for several Islamic countries have women on their currency.

  5. First of all, Krauss is not a posek but rather a mental case, as his activities over the past years have shone. He also has a memory problem, since this is not the first time women have appeared on Israeli banknotes. Golda Meir was on the front of the 10 shekel note from 1985 to 1995, and a girl was on the back of the 200 shekel note from 1992 to 2000.

  6. oiy, the schnorrers in Meah Shariim are going to suffer, they wont accept the new bills.

    OIY, so just give them a half of shekel or a shekel and they will now be sooo delighted……

  7. “Rumors of a boycott are circulating”… ROTFL! They already boycott earning money!
    I can’t stop laughing, this is just too delicious.

  8. Clearly these dolts aren’t as frum as they think they are. How can you deny the hand of God in the issuance of new money with pictures of “Rachel” and “Leah” during the week of parshat Vayeitzei!

  9. This is pathetic.

    If they can’t handle real money maybe they should do all their transactions over the internet…no wait they can’t do that either.

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