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PHOTOS: Haifa City Hall Expels A Yeshiva On Motzei Shabbos; Officials Call It ‘Kristallnacht’


Haifa City Hall officials gave the order and a chareidi yeshiva in the city was evacuated on motzei Shabbos.

There is fury and anger in the chareidi community over the move, ordering the eviction of a yeshiva on motzei Shabbos in Haifa’s Achuza neighborhood.

According to the yeshiva’s management, they rented the building lawfully last week, and on Thursday they entered the site. On motzei Shabbos, when the talmidim went out to the Melave Malka in the N’vei Sha’anan neighborhood, a notice was received that the municipality had brought workers who had entered the building and began to sow destruction while breaking yeshiva equipment and throwing it out of the building.

Chareidi community leaders, headed by City Council member Miki Alper, came to the scene and met with the municipality’s director-general who arrived at the site, and police officers prevented the incident from escalating into violence.

During the eviction, City Director-General Gadi Margalit maintained the yeshiva entered the building illegally, demanding it evacuate immediately. He announced he was using his authority to close it down.

“This is a reality that students have not experienced since Kristallnacht, to enter the building to dismantle and destroy the furniture, something that did not happen from Kristallnacht. It cannot be that in a lawful nation, city employees evict a yeshiva while police do nothing, all the while they do not have legal eviction papers”, yeshiva officials explained.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Once and for all, these mindless and disrespectful comparisons to the Nazis and the shoah needs to stop….a commercial dispute over a building lease is not anything analogous to Kristallnact and these idiots need to grow up and watch their language no matter how much they believe the municipality is acting wrongfully

  2. While I agree with Gadolhadorah that Nazi (as well, I might add, Chareidi) is an over and often misused and abused term, nonetheless, it needs to be noted that “the deeper sources” state that in the final stage of the final galus we will be our own enemy much as the misyavnim (the Helenists) in Eretz Yisroel were the enemy during galus Yavan. In that regard the comparisons are accurate.

  3. To comment no. 1: Whom are you calling “idiots”?
    These students are Hashem’s precious children. Shame on you to call them such names. They are actually being evicted at night in the middle of the winter. A true Jewish person would never evict another Yid by surprise at night in the middle of the winter. Stories like this happen in Russia. It should not be happening in Eretz Yisroel.

  4. Agreed. Jutxaposing contemporary events with Holocaust themes is a lazy journalistic cliché which tarnishes the memory of those who actually suffered. Yidden are the very last people who should employ it.

  5. Another report on the events raises the question as to how they could be evicted without dues process and a legal court order, even assuming hypothetically that they were occupying the building illegally. Not only that, but that same report claims that the Haifa web site (which I cannot read) actually posted on its website that this incident was about vigilance against people trying to change the neighborhood.

  6. ok so for all of you who dont know the story please dont be so quick to judge and especially not comment. The yeshiva was bought last week and everything was perfectly legal. However, the Rosh hair, Yona yahav, very much dislikes frum people. He sent regular city people with police vests to vandalize the building. Luckily the boys were not there due to an off Shabbos, so for anyone saying that the boys called names, they didn’t. because they weren’t there. the yeshiva went to court against the Rosh Haiir, and he is being summoned to court. The judge and all of Israeli news is shocked how the Rosh Haiir can do such a terrible thing without a court order. This man has been torturing the frum community for years now, the outcome of what will happen will only be known after the case is heard in court.
    For those of you who want to help, There has been a Gofundme account set up to help the yeshiva recover from the damages.

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