Jerusalem City Hall Alleges Discrimination Regarding Ramot Housing


Officials in Jerusalem City Hall allege that the Shas-controlled Ministry of Housing has created an unfavorable situation for secular and other non-chareidi Israelis seeking housing regarding a housing project in the Ramot area of the capital. The allegations point a finger at Minister Ariel Atias and his team, working to ensure the new housing in Ramot is made available exclusively to chareidim, referring to the planned construction of 734 units plus a country club and pool as City Hall hopes the project will be an attraction for young secular couples as well as for IDF career officers. The location is also ideal for anyone working in the nearby Har Chotzvim High Tech Park.

The city alleges ministry officials worked with Israel Lands Administration officials to push the project in the direction of chareidim and now, City Hall is working to halt its progress before it becomes another chareidi fait accompli.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)