Typical Hamas Lies: Netanuyahu Requested Truce


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Israel denied on Monday Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s assertion that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuyahu has requested a truce in the Gaza conflict.

“Hamas’s comments about a ceasefire, alleging that Israel is begging for one, are about as accurate as its claims to have shot down an F-15 (warplane) or attacked the Knesset,” a senior government official said.



  1. and Israel start this agression by killing a know terrorist.
    He was killed only after Hamas threw 120 rockets. They lie to the world and the world believes their lies.

  2. A lie can be molded into any reality the liar chooses, but the truth is seen for what it is and doesn’t morph. In certain cultures, I believe it is acceptable to deceive, as long as their objective is being pursued.

    America is changing . . . and not for the better. We are now being lied to on nearly a daily basis and many accept these lies as truths. Perhaps it is the weak will of the few that over rules the rest, I am not certain. But I do know we’re a different America than 4 years ago and we are on the Wrong path.

    I wish Israel and it’s people all that God can provide. I also trust that America still has enough integrity and will come to its’ senses to stand strong with Israel against any and all enemies of both nations.

    God Bless
    An American Christian