Rabbonim From Dati Leumi Community Come Out Strongly Against Tzohar Rabbonim’s New Kashrus Supervision

Rabbi David Stav, Chairman of Tzohar

Rabbi Prominent rabbonim affiliated with the dati leumi tzibur have come out strongly against Tzohar Rabbis, after the latter has gone ahead with plans to launch a kashrus system to provide an alternate to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and its affiliate religious councils nationwide. Tzohar has already been under harsh criticism for conducting weddings, marrying thousands of couples a year who prefer to bypass the Chief Rabbinate system.

HaRav Elyakim Levanon and HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu have come out strongly against the decision of Tzohar, insisting it will result in the demise of the Chief Rabbinate’s system, using the term “מהרסייך ומחריבייך”.

They blame Tzohar for doing everything it can to weaken and destroy the Chief Rabbinate, warning if kashrus is turned over to private hands, there will be widescale consumer fraud for anyone will be able to print teudot kashrus and go into business and there will be no system of regulation.

Some 25 prominent rabbonim in the dati leumi community have signed a letter against Tzohar and the new kashrus initiative, warming the damage that will result will be irreversible.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)