Peleg Calls For Protests After ‘Yeshiva Bochur’ Arrested On Highway 90 Heading Out Of Yerushalayim


A Yeshiva Bochur affiliated with the Peleg was arrested at a checkpoint on Highway 90 near Maale Adumim during a routine inspection early Wednesday morning. When it was determined by police that he is AWOL from the IDF, he was arrested and handed over to military police.

The boy, Meir Brodiansky, is a Talmid at Yeshiva Kol Torah – a Peleg affiliated Yeshiva. He is a grandson of Rav Yitzchock Yeruchim Bordiansky, who is a Mashgiach in the Yeshiva.

This arrest is significant as it marks the first test for the faction’s new (still not confirmed) leadership following the petira of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach ZT”L.

Sure enough, the Peleg hotlines have announced that nothing has changed, as (unnamed) Rabbonim have announced they will continue the orders of Rav Shmuel Auerbach ZATZAL — “להרעיש עולם ומלואו”. Therefore, Hafganos have been called for tonight.

YWN has been unable to determine why this boy was in a vehicle late at night (12:30AM) heading away from Yerushalayim. It is unknown who else was in the vehicle. At many checkpoints Police usually just check the ID of the driver, but at certain places that are known to have been used by terrorists, the Police frequently check the ID’s of every person in the vehicle.

Bordiansky has refused to wear an IDF uniform and will likely be transferred to an isolated wing.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “YWN has been unable to determine why this boy was in a vehicle late at night (12:30AM) heading away from Yerushalayim.”

    I think YWN needs to get over thmeselves. Who asked you to find out why a bachur is going somewhere at 12:30. Mind your own business.

  2. oiy, as if we don’t have enough problems, these boys have to give us more.

    What ever happened to yeshiva men who spent their time in the halls of learning and acted as an example of the heights of goodness that comes from learning Torah?
    Today, we have clowns in black suits with black hats who spend their time laying on the street to make some political statement and are encouraged by ‘rabbis’ who are not content with learning and giving over good insights, but have to try to up their status in trying to be political preachers too.

    Oiy, mah hiya lawnu….

  3. @Rebbe Yid Because then when Chaim Berlin tells Klal Yisroel that “the tziyonim are dragging yeshiva bochrim out of the batei midrashim” we will all know the truth.

    Shkoiyach YWN for speaking the truth.

  4. “YWN has been unable to determine why this boy was in a vehicle late at night (12:30AM) heading away from Yerushalayim.”

    Why can’t we be don lechaf zechus?

    Here is a perfectly good reason: He and his chaveirim were on the way to some remote mountaintop in Amuka to do a “pulsa denura” against the “rosh hakofrim” Benjamin Netenyahu (agav who Hagaon Rav Shmuel Auerbach zatl voted for and met with multiple times) and the rest of the amaleki tziyonim.

    Come on folks. Let’s be don lechas zechus.

  5. Since Peleg knows the possible consequences if a bochur who does not register gets caught, so then what is the Hafganah for? Are they protesting because he got caught? And if he didn’t get caught then what? Would they not in their minds have the same issue to protest about? How does getting caught change things?

  6. Maybe that red head protester can teach hom a thing or too about being in prison. He claimed that it was ממש מען עולם הבא.

  7. > thinkingclearly

    I am not sure what you are thinking clearly about. Seems rather obvious that as soon as a call is sent out to turn innocent people’s lives upside (“Hafganos have been called for tonight”) that the cause, origin and perpetrators have lost any any right to privacy, as they put themselves into the pubic eye. And more important, the victims of these “Hafganos have been called for tonight” have a right to know what this is about, and the news has a responsibility to tell them.

  8. I thought of a possible explanation why he was travelling late at night;
    Maybe he was on the way to a hospital outside of Jerusalem to take care of a person who fell ill. It could be there are shifts of different people.
    Maybe the other person wanted to leave already. Most people know the real truth, that a patient in a hospital bed, he needs desperately someone else to be by his side 24/7 without exaggeration and I mean every single hour of the night included.

  9. 1) Why is “Yeshiva Bachur” in quotes – he is a Yeshiva Bachur

    2) Kol Torah IS NOT a Yeshiva affiliated with the Peleg – there may be some staff there who sympathize

    3) Is a boy not allowed to be ina vehicle at 12:30 after midnight ? Is it YWN’s business where he was going? Alot of Ysehiva guys are up and around at that time (Yerushalaim is not like some places in the USA where u can’t be out in a car at that hr)

    4) I am NOT a supporter of the Peleg faction – but I would not bad-mouth Rabbonim from there Pls note YWN editor that this is how most Charedim look at them here

  10. not one yeshiva bochur was ever taken to the army if they followed the same rule the gedolim across the spectrum agreed on 50 years ago. sign up and get your stupid petur.

    this is utter madness.

    and not one bochur was every yanked out of the bais hamedrash.

    any jerk arrested was either in a nightclub in Eilat, dealing drugs in tel aviv, or being violent at hafganos. 100% fake news from the bmg machine being pumped around ny.

  11. Wow! Comments talking about Eilat, Yam Hamelach, Tiveria…..

    But the car was stopped near Maale Adumim, nowhere near any of the above locations.

    I am very very far from a Peleg supporter, I am generally very turned off by their ridiculous protests.

    That said; it is the job of YWN to be impartial and report the facts. It is none of anyone’s business what he was doing out at 12:30 AM, for cryin out loud, weddings don’t end all that much earlier! In fact, it is a great change from the norm to even report the bochurs name for thousands to read.

    After all that is said- it is utter craziness to order hafganos every time a deserter is arrested. If you choose to ignore the law, fine. But what right do you have to disrupt the lives of tens of thousands? You know the law and that you are breaking it. Move to another country if you choose to ignore the local laws.

  12. YWN investigation team:
    What was a yeshiva bochur doing in a car at 12:30 at night?
    Why was his ID checked?
    The answer is pretty clear: He’s a terrorist