Israel: Chareidi Campaign Launched Against Organ Donations


A campaign stemming from within the chareidi tzibur against organ transplant begins by explaining “In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, headed by an chareidi minister”, efforts are ongoing to persuade people to sign organ donor cards.

It talks about efforts including compelling bnei torah to enter the IDF, then bringing women into the IDF, and now, organ donor cards.

In the accompanying photo, we see a picture of former Ramat Gan Chief Rabbi HaRav Yaakov Ariel, among the rabbonim who speak out to encourage Israelis to sign an organ donor card. Rav Ariel and many other rabbonim back the effort and the organization, insisting the process is done in accordance to Halacha.

YWN NOTES: YWN is in no way stating any opinion regarding organ donation. Please consult with your local Rov.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yeah but when these upstanding citizens need a heart, liver or kidney, they don’t question who paskened the death status of the donor.
    This is why I get more disgusted daily with these people.

  2. Organ donation is another example of fake science promoted by the healthcare industry. It may prolong lives of the recipients but at the expense of murdering the donor. Yes murder. “Brain Death” is a marketing term created to justify cutting out organs from someone who is still alive, still warm to the touch,still breathing with the help of a ventilator, possibly still able to sense pain and have awareness about what is happening to them. All for the purpose of maintaining a multi billion dollar transplant industry. The icing on the cake is trying to call it “Halachik” organ donation. What a sad joke.

  3. > flatbushantivaxxer

    ” still breathing with the help of a ventilator”

    Ever notice that the very “ventilator” of which you speak comes from the very same “healthcare industry” of which you speak.

  4. I love how @IraK and @cowdoc have a better understanding and are more moral than R Moshe Feinstein. Guys, your personal opinion means zilcho in halachah. Get a grip.

  5. For those who are open minded, and want to hear the other side, it’s as YWN noted. Since there isn’t a universal heter from all poskim, the Health Ministry, headed by a Chareidi shouldn’t be promoting it.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like this is similar to what you can sign on the back of your drivers license, to donate your body parts. That’s different than donating a kidney, and that’s what theyr’e against. Also, again I could be wrong, but I think that it’s not so simple to sign up for this. While there are Rabbonim that permit it, it shouldn’t become a campaign because some rabbonim are matir, if most aren’t.