Amona Evacuees Planning To Celebrate Moving Into Amichai


The evacuees of the Amona settlement plan to open a series of ceremonies on Monday, 10 Nissan, to mark the stage of populating the new settlement of Amichai, which was built for them.

The Yishuv’s leadership issued a statement saying, “After a long wait and a stubborn struggle, tomorrow will happen – the ceremony of the entry of Amichai residents to their new settlement.”

The ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon, when it was decided to hold the participation of politicians, but only with the participation of residents and the head of the Regional Council, Avi Roeh. The head of the council will address the event, as will the community’s rav, Rabbi Yair Frank and Avichai Boaron, who led the struggle of the residents in recent years.

As noted, about 14 months ago, the settlement of Amona was evacuated in accordance with the High Court of Justice ruling, while evacuees lived in temporary locations, such as youth hostels and more.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)