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Eichler Calls on Central Election Committee to Disqualify Kadima Campaign

An angry Rav Yisrael Eichler on Monday 11 Teves 5773 turned to the Central Election Committee calling upon committee chair Justice Elyakim Rubinstein to disqualify the Kadima Party campaign. Eichler explains that the campaign was already rejected by Egged and Dan, for they realized it is offensive. Eichler adds the campaign is simply full of lies, quoting the Kadima claim that soldiers receive 700 NIS monthly as compared to avreichim, who receive a national government stipend of 3,400 NIS.

Eichler decried the provocative nature of the election campaign along with its lies, “all targeted at avreichim and the chareidi community”. He points out that a married avreich with a child has to manage living on his 800 NIS monthly payment, yet Kadima sees nothing wrong with fabricating numbers to serve the party’s anti-chareidi agenda. Eichler adds that a married soldier received a monthly salary three times that of a married avreich, and this does not take into account the soldier also receives free meals and public transportation.

Eichler warns of the dangers of such a campaign “that may lead to bloodshed”, adding “The use of the military to incite the masses was used in Europe, since the Crusades to the Russian czar, not to mention the more difficult times that followed.” He calls on the committee to disqualify “Kadima’s anti-Semitic propaganda campaign.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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