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Huge Amount of Charedi Volunteers Throughout the Country Defy “Parasite” Stereotype

In honor of Israel’s Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron, MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) visited the headquarters and national dispatch and command center of United Hatzalah on Wednesday to observe the day and stand for the commemorative siren.

During the visit, which was touted on social media channels as a step forward for Charedi MKs commemorating the day, Eichler made a number of moving statements in front of the many gathered volunteers of the organization.

“Even prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, and throughout its history, Charedi and Orthodox volunteers were unified by the fact that their volunteer service did not receive any recognition by the government for their good works. I know many volunteers, since the establishment of the State, who have worked tirelessly to help save lives and honor the dead and have never received any recognition from the government for their services. These volunteers worked through all of the wars, all of the terror attacks, and did not receive recognition. The amount of salaried positions in volunteer centers that cater to the Orthodox and Charedi communities is incredibly small. In spite of this, the number of Charedi and Orthodox volunteers, in all of the various rescue organizations is huge.”

Eichler blessed and encouraged the volunteers who were present: “When an emergency occurs, everyone who comes to help and assist is loved and blessed, but some of the people who arrive receive year-round salaries to be there. They even receive compensation for missing regular work hours. We should not deride those who receive a salary for their devoted work. Even a doctor who is paid to treat people and save lives still gets recompense in heaven. But those who do not receive any monetary reward; and do what they do for the sake of heaven alone, they are on a completely different and much higher level.”

In a veiled message to the recent attacks on Charedim as a subculture of society Eichler said: “Normally I wouldn’t even have to point out how much the Charedim do for society. But in recent days when Charedim are being openly called parasites who do not contribute anything to society, it is important to show the truth in all of its glory. We are the people who give so much to society and receive nothing in return. Not monetary recompense, and not even recognition by the government.”

Eichler closed his remarks by saying: “Volunteers, like yourselves, cling to the good attributes of Hakadosh Baruch Hu… I want to wish you all gathered here the most success in all that you day. May Am Yisrael never need your services, save for joyous occasions.”

United Hatzalah began as a Charedi organization and has since become a national organization comprised of members from across the spectrum of Israeli society, including Jews from all backgrounds, Secular and religious alike, as well as Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouin, and men as well as women from these communities volunteer. As one of the organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Security of Israel, it is one of the organizations where Charedi men and women may fulfill their mandatory civilian service in place of military service.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Yes. But by refusing to join the army, they’re leaving all the dangerous things for the children of the Non-Chareidi.
    “Acheichem Yovo’ei Lamilchomo V’atem Teishvu Po?”

  2. Unfortunately, when people want to hate the truth is insignificant. For example, there is no greater fabrication than “Jews slaughter Christian babies for their blood for Pesach”. The fact that all blood is absolutely forbidden to consume and that we salt meat to remove all traces of blood is insignificant in the mind of an anti-Semite. Here too, it is not our actions (or inaction) that causes hatred, but rather hatred causes accusations of being “Parasites”. It is insignificant to Chareidi-haters whether their claims have any truth to it or not. It is enough for them to make the claim. As someone sings, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate…”

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