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Belgium Companies Caught Selling Chemical Agents To Syria

Three Belgian companies have been called to court after it was learned they sold chemicals to Syria. According to various European news agency reports, at least one of the agents sold to Syria could be used for the manufacture of sarin nerve gas.

Isopropanol, which is commonly known to many as rubbing alcohol, is an ingredient in many household items including disinfectants, but it is also an ingredient in the manufacture of sarin. The Syrian regime has been accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in the ongoing civil war in that country numerous times.

Euronews quotes Roland Cassier, a spokesman for the Antwerp Criminal Court, who announced a trial date of May 15 has been set for the three companies — Belgian chemical group AAE Chemie and two handling agents, Danmar Logistics and Anex Customs.

“After investigating the matter, Belgium’s federal customs administration believes that the export of various chemical substances had been carried out without a proper export license for these products,” said Cassiers.

The court will address the sale of the chemicals without proper licensing during the years 2014 to 2016. Sales were made to both Lebanon and Syria.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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