Petition to Keep the Mitcham HaTachana Operating on Shabbos


The Jerusalem City Council will be voting on the future of the Mitcham HaTachana operating on Shabbos. The special meeting is to extend the permit of the increasingly popular entertainment venue, which is situated in the old Jerusalem train station. The chareidim on the council have indicated they will not support renewing the permit unless it is agreed the venue will be closed on Shabbos.

Jerusalemites have launched a petition against the Shabbos closure. As of Wednesday afternoon, 24 Iyar, they have 1,894 signatures. Their goal is 3,000.

Oren Adar, of the Yeru-Shalem coalition explains the site has become an important one, permitting people to gather on Shabbos without bothering anyone. They vow to fight, unwilling to have this site shut on Shabbos. They vow that anyone who votes to close the venue will be remembered come election day.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)