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HaRav Mazuz Says Don’t Recite Tachanun on Yom Yerushalayim – Whoever Doesn’t See The Miracles “Is A Kofer”

Rosh Yeshivat Kisei Rachamim HaRav Meir Mazuz called on the tzibur not to receive Tachanun on Yom Yerushalayim and to open the Aron Kodesh and recite Nishmas Kol Chai in thanks to HKBH for the great miracles.

The rav explained, “There is a koach to 28 Iyar, a blessed day and therefore, Tachanun should not be recited”.

The rav added, “There are those who opine that the chareidim are not connected. Quite the opposite for if one is truly chareidi, then he knows how to thank HKBH no less than on Purim Yerushalayim.

Rav Mazuz continues, “There are those who question how would HKBH send messengers who are not Shomer Torah and Mitzvos? This is not the question to be asked for HKBH makes us all his shluchim. Koresh worshipped two gods, the god of light and good, and HKBH made him a shaliach to build the Second Beis HaMikdash. HKBH also used Nebuchadnezzar who was loyal to the army of Aram and the soldiers who were not shomer Torah and Mitzvos. Are they worse than those loyal to Koresh? They are Jews and most of them were believers.

“HKBH made a miracle occur via their hands and He continues with miracles to this very day.”

The rav concludes that we must thank HKBH for the miracles and one who does not, lacks emunah, labeling it ‘kfira’. He added on Shabbos, at mincha, they did not recite Tzidkoscha Tzedek.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Yay, so now the last however many decades of Chareidim are kofrim. Gevalt. Just because this Rav suddenly “saw the light”. Last year he was a kofer, and now he is a “true believer”. Yep. Just like that.

  2. 28 Iyar is the sefira of Chessed Sheb’malchus which is why Tachanun is not recited. It has nothing to do with the Zionist enterprise.

  3. what a gevaltdik statement by a man who is obviously not afraid to offend the closed minds of the super frum in Jerusalem.

    A real miracle happened in Jerusalem and is continuing to happen. why haShem uses non religious people as his shaliachs is a question, but HKBH is big enough to know how to run the world and it is for us to accept His ways….

  4. I understand that it is a miracle but why should we not say tachanun? Who are we to establish a yom tov? even a semi-yomtov. We must thank Hashem but not not do away with a halacha to say tachanun. Who decided on iyar 28? Maybe on some other day? Is there a sanhedrin around?

  5. Reminds me of the remark attributed to the Ponevicher Rav. When asked what he davened on Yom HaAtzmaut he replied, “The same as Ben Gurion; we don’t say Hallel and we don’t say Tachanun”!

  6. Seichel.

    100 percent maskim gamar, there’s something with today generation and not saying tachanun.
    Kol HaKavod, HaRav Mazuz. I’m pretty sure the guy who made this report misunderstood what the Rav meant…these tzadikim are on a much higher level so maybe he meant it in a different way…whatever, I said tachanun and if we’re gunna call each other koferim then we for sure should say tachanun

  7. Please let Rav Ahron Feldman Shli”ta know that Israelis after the Lebanon war fiascos have never believed in “kochi votzem yadi”….

    (It’s an old adage – majority of IDF officials & fighters are believers & know hashem runs the world)

  8. He just might be considered the koifer!!!! Many gedoilei oilom held that it was NOT a neis ; on the contrary –a maasei soton of the sitreh achra!!!!!! Where is his emunas chachomim—even if he does not agree with them—–but how can he consider them kofrim???? They probably would say that HE is the koifer for his position that nissim would be brought by machallelei Shabbos befarhesia that are considered mumrim lecol hatorah kullo?????????????????

  9. SMF
    Your understanding & knowledge of Jewish history is full of holes. So many nissim occurred by non- believers & those with low spiritual level.

  10. It is easy for me to give proof from the Tanach that 5 iyyar 5708 was destined by HKBH to be a happy day one waited for.

    Those who attacked Rabbi Mazuz publicly should ask for forgiveness.

    We see today the moral separation of all Israeli Jews vs the goim of western sociaty. Even the Hillonim have beautiful families that celebrate the chaggim and many are becoming shomer mitzvot. Try reading the actual pesukim (devarim pereq lamed) and tell me you don’t see the similarities in Israel today. To see miracles in war is common but the real miracles is tiny Israel making great strides in medical, agricultural, energy and technology all to benefit mankind. Just looking at the government today one must give thanks to those early Zionists that made this possible.

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