Statement Of Agudath Israel Of America Regarding The Opening Of The United States Embassy In Jerusalem


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With the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, we witnessed a promise kept. This historic event was a reflection of the will of the American people, as strongly expressed by a bipartisan Congress. And, the decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem was the result of President Trump’s bold leadership and his clear understanding, as was so often emphasized today, that it was the right thing to do – that it was the “truth.”

Indeed, the quest for peace can only be based on a foundation of truth. Proposals that ignore or deny the realities of today’s Middle East are doomed to failure and will never provide a productive path forward. One such undeniable reality is that Jerusalem is – and always will be – Israel’s capital. Nations that refuse to acknowledge that fact are simply perpetuating an illusion and providing an excuse for Israel’s adversaries not to make peace and to continue warfare and terror. Moreover, by not recognizing that Israel has the right that all nations enjoy in selecting its capital city, they are projecting the image that Israel is something “less than sovereign,” something “less than a nation.” Peace can never be built on that foundation.

The United States has always been a beacon of peace and freedom for the rest of the world, and its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a profoundly important statement attesting to the shared values and the inextricable bond the two countries enjoy, and to the direction the Middle East must go to find a true and lasting peace.

As was been repeated numerous times today, Jerusalem is the eternal heart and soul, and the eternal capital, of the Jewish people. That reality is ethereal and never changing. It is a unique relationship that is above politics, governments or the nations of the world. We will continue to pray daily toward Jerusalem, yearn for its rebuilding and seek its peace.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. ‘Jerusalem is the eternal heart and soul………. of the Jewish people. That reality is ethereal and never changing. It is a unique relationship that is above politics, governments or the nations of the world. We will continue to pray daily toward Jerusalem, yearn for its rebuilding and seek its peace.”
    But “The so-called State of Israel” does not represent the Jewish People. Therefore it makes no difference to the Jewish People where the capitol of the State of Israel is.

  2. Do not forget that Costa Rica (I believe) on the heels of the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem also decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem. And if, my memory serves me correctly (I’m 75) Costa Rica cast the deciding vote
    in the UN in 1947 to establish the Israel state; this against tremendous pressure not to do do !!!

    Viva la Costa Rica !!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen—b’vah’kah’shah do more Talmud Torah, more davvening and more Chessed !!!!

  3. Crazy,

    “Sounds more like a statement befitting mafdal. Has Agudah now become Zionist?”

    If you had been paying attention for the past seventy years, you’d realize that the Agudah, led by their Moetzes, realized on May 15, 1948 that they had to accommodate a new reality, like it or not. That the very lives and welfare of millions of Jews depended upon their defense of and dialogue with the State of Israel. As opposed to people like yourself, who based on one man’s opinion, would rather criticize those who help other Jews.

    Great alias, by the way; it describes you perfectly.

  4. Phil if you would actually read what the moetzes of Agudah had to say and read the writings of Agudah leader Rav Reuvain Grozovsky in his Bayos Hazman you would realize that in no way did Agudah buy into the Zionist ideology like this statement appears to do. Agudah reached a working accommodation with the Israeli government but kept themselves ideologically opposed to the basic tenets of Zionism.

  5. Crazy,

    I’m well aware of the historic opposition of the Moetzes to Zionism and true to form, there’s nothing Zionistic about this statement. In addition, the Agudah does not make public statements or take public positions without the approval of their Moetzes. If you think otherwise, you know nothing about the Agudah and have no right to criticize.

  6. Phil – This paper was not signed by the Moetzes and I would suggest you contact Agudah and find out how their public proclamations are made. Fact is that this proclomation runs counter to what we have heard from gedolim time and time again about not doing acts that create sinah and provoke antagonise Arabs and world opinion. Opening an embassy a day before Nakba and Ramdam is an act designed to stick it to the Arabs and make a point of “so called” stregnth. Please show me one Agudah godol who has ever publicly espoused the theory that peace will come through taking bold steps to create the realization of “facts”. That approach is the approach of mizrachi/mafdal.

  7. Crazy,

    I can’t understand how a person who obviously knows nothing about the Agudah can be so critical of them. The Moetzes never signs the political statements made by the Agudah but they most certainly do approve them before they are publicized. The lay leadership of the Agudah has always taken their direction from the Moetzes, not the other way around. If you have a problem with the statement, then take it up with the “Zionist” Moetzes.

  8. Phil – I am well acquainted with Agudah. Your claim that all statements are only issued after consultations with the moetzes is incorrect. As a matter of fact I challenge you to email the Agudah contact on this statement (listed above) and ask her if the moetzes reviewed and approved this statement.

  9. If the Moetzes wants to issue a statement it does so in the name of the Moetzes. This statement, as any from the Agudah lay leadership led by baalei batim, is not a statement from the Moetzes nor approved by the Moetzes. The Moetzes does not vet every time the Agudah Public Relations office issues a statement.

  10. Crazy,

    You can easily confirm, as I did, that the Moetzes approves but does not sign political statements released by the Agudah and this one is no different. You have an incredible amount of nerve insinuating that the lay leadership acts without Moetzes approval and you now owe every one of them and of the Moetzes an apology. You must really be crazy to have put yourself in this position. Do you honestly think you can apologize to all those people before Yom Kippur?

  11. Phil read Joseph’s statement above. No way that full Moetzes reads and approves every Agudah statement. Rav Chaim Brisker didnt join Agudah for a reason and this statement helps make his case.

    Gedolei Yisroel always stressed avoiding actions thay antagonize Arabs and inflame world opinion. Rav Shah opposed Emmanuel and was in favor of evacuting Yamit. Rav Shteinman opposed leagilizing Amona. Rav Ovadia Yosef supported the Oslo accords. The Novominsker publicly rebuked those that cause sinah by going on to har habayis and Rav Mattisyahu condemned Bibi for his Iran deal speech to congress. NEVER has a godol of Agudas Yisrael advocated a policy of taking acts that make a political statement of “truth” that inflames tensions as a way for peace. Do not be naieve this statement is political in nature. If Gedolei Yisrael have become rightwing hawks they would let us know about such a drastic change of hashkafah directly. This statement is more in line with the hashkofos of mizrachi/likud/bayit yehudi than Agudas Yisrael/Degel/Shas.

  12. Phil – Call or email Agudah and ask them if Rav Malkiel, Rav Ahron Feldman, Rav Shmuel, Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin and Rav Ahron Shechter actually read the WORDING of this statement and approved the WORDING of the statement. Please post the answer that they give you.

  13. Here is one example of problematic wording that is hard to believe was approved by the Moetzes: “Jerusalem is – and always will be the capital of Israel” We daven to Hashem that it should always be but how can we brazenly state “always will be” a more appropriate statement would be “with hashems help will always be” Furthermore if a true peace required relinquishing the capital status of Yerushalayim there would be no Torah impediment to doing so.