WATCH THIS: Neturei Karta Children In Meah Shearim Mark “Nakba Day”



  1. These misguided youth are a sad story. No one told them to celebrate, but this public statement is poor taste, and frankly bitul Torah. If they were truly serious about Avodas Hashem, they would be engrossed in Torah and Tefilah, instead of making idiots of themselves.

  2. Joseph,

    Why aren’t you lecturing us all on the great kiddush hashem these chassidim are making? After all, they’re selflessly taking away precious time from torah learning, which they’re obviously so dedicated to, in support of the holy terrorists and “martyrs” who want all Jews dead?

  3. Ribboino shel oilam please have rachmonus on us and don’t pay attention to these misguided individuals. Please help them to do teshuvah and make a full return. To all the yidden out there the best thing you can do is daven for thenm especially in the brocha of refuainu and perhaps also in chonene hadas and hasivainu

  4. wow wow, why are we lashing out such strong words on them? But can some one explain why they are not happy about the embassy being moved? personally, I have neutral feelings to it, it makes no difference to me what the US considers the capital, but why douse it bothers these people in meah shearim so much? whats it to them?

  5. unfortunately, people make the mistake of confusing being ‘frum’ with being a) correct and b) close to haShem.

    Frumkite is the externality of those who wish us to believe that they are ovdei haShem and are careful in all halachas, but we see most of the time that frumkite can just cover up stupidity…..

  6. Putting things in perspectives there are only around 15 adults and perhaps as many children (their kids). That’s a very small turnout of a protest. That means that the majority of the 10’s of thousands of Meah Shearim residents did not join them (assumingly distancing themselves from NK). Furthermore, all their signs just say that they don’t recognize the Zionist State. That is nothing new. I’d advise to ignore them and let Hashem decide their fate. Tochacha here is pointless, in my mind, as I don’t believe they have the humility to listen to others.