MK Michaeli To Minister Regev: Please Try To Stop Chilul Shabbos

MK Michael Michaeli

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Despite warnings from the chareidim against the Chilul Shabbos that is expected to take place in Jerusalem, Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev decided to host the Argentina team in a preparatory game against Israel at Teddy Stadium next month. The agreement to permit the game was granted in February 2018, but now, there are shouts warning of the Chilul Shabbos, calling on Regev to cancel the event.

There is a fear that the motzei Shabbos soccer game staring the Argentina and Israeli National Teams. game will cause mass Chilul Shabbos in Jerusalem. Regev tweeted in her Twitter account: “I promised, and I was happy that the Argentina team will play in Jerusalem. For one thing, security and other essential personnel will have to begin preparations before the end of Shabbos.

MK Michael Malchieli (Shas) reacted to the concern and called on Minister Regev to “act to reduce and prevent Chilul Shabbos as much as possible.” Shabbos is the source of the blessing and the state should serve as a symbol and example of Shabbos observance.

According to reports on sport websites, the Argentina team requested to practice on Friday night and on Shabbos morning. Because there are no guest rooms at Teddy Stadium, they will have to hold an event for honored guests at the nearby Arena Stadium, on Shabbos afternoon.

Haaretz reporters Chaim Levinson reports that to the best of his knowledge, there is a plan for the Argentina team to pay to practice in Teddy Stadium on Shabbos morning.

Some are questioning why the chareidim are waking up at the last moment to complain as it has already been decided to permit Shabbos soccer leagues to continue as they have since the beginning of the state.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)