IMG_1782.jpg(UPDATES BELOW) 2:20PM EST: There has just been a major terrorist attack in Yeshivas Meraz Harav Kook in Yerushalayim. (Click HERE for pics – graphic!) There are conflicting reports coming in to YWN about how many terrorists were involved and about the number of Yidden R”L killed. Hatzolah Israel confirms to YWN that at LEAST 10 people have R”L been killed. The number of wounded has not been confirmed – but four people have been transported to the hospitals is critical condition – all with gunshot wounds.

UPDATE 3:30PM EST: At this time, the total number of Bochrim who were R”L is seven – with ten Bochrim injured (some seriously wounded). According to witnesses, one terrorist entered a dining-room where 80 Bochrim were having a Rosh Chodesh Seudah and opened fire. The Jerusalem Post reports that the terrorist fired close to 500 bullets in approximately 10 minutes – before he was killed.

The Merkaz Harav Yeshiva’s emergency hotline # is: 02-652-4793.

UPDATE 5:00PM EST:  Hamas came close to claiming responsibility for the terror attack, by issuing the following statement: “We bless the (Jerusalem) operation. It will not be the last.” In Gaza City, residents went out into the streets and fired rifles in celebration in the air and distributed sweets in the streets after hearing the “good news” of the attack.

President Bush issued the following statement: “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack in Jerusalem that targeted innocent students at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva. This barbaric and vicious attack on innocent civilians deserves the condemnation of every nation. 

I have just spoken with Prime Minister Olmert to extend my deepest condolences to the victims, their families, and to the people of Israel.  I told him the United States stands firmly with Israel in the face of this terrible attack.”

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday condemned the attack calling it an “act of terror and depravity.”

Following the murderous attack, the Bostoner Rebbe Shlita called for everyone to say Tehillim. The Rebbe Shlita is “asking every Yid wherever he is, whatever he is doing, to stop now and recite three chapters of Tehillim, any three chapters. Those who need a Refua
Shleima should be healed, those that need a yeshua to get the yeshua they need. Now is a time for all Yidden to stand together and direct ourselves to the Ribbono Shel Olam.

Hundreds packed many Shuls and Batei Midrashim throughout Eretz Yisroel to say Tehillim on Thursday night. Hundreds reportedly gathered in the Mir Yerushalayim Bais Medrash.

In the United States, Many Shuls were quickly arranging many Tehillim, and Kinnos Hisorirus gatherings for Thursday night.

As of this time, YWN has learned that K’hal Tiferes Yackov (Hagoen Rav Avrohom Schorr Shlita) will be having a Kinnus Hisorirus at 10:00PM [1212 East 15th Street].

The Agudath Yisroel Bais Binyomin will be having a Kinnus Hisorirus at 10:30PM; the Mora D’asra – Rav Pinchos Breuer Shlita will be speaking for men and women [2913 Avenue L].

In Baltimore there will be a community gathering for Tehillim tonight at 8:15PM at Shearith Israel Congregation (the “Glen Avenue Shul”). 

In chicago – Beis Hamedrash Mikor Hachaim (6716 N. Whipple St) will have a recitation of tehillim followed by Divrei Hissorirus given by Rabbi Schecter at 9:00 PM tonight In light of the horrific terrorist attack in Yerushalayim today.

One of the Bochrim in serious condition’s name for Tehillim is Yehonasan ben Avital.


  1. looks like 7 Jews killed, 43 wounded

    possible terrorist still running around in building – not yet clear

    is Thursday night….night seder, busy night

  2. chashuva people of am yisrael this is crazy news and a lesson or all of us to do teshuva aspecialy in the month of adar when people like to act with hefkerus we should act accordingly on purim such an important day…. unfortunately these innocent people sitting and learning were mechaper our sins!! let us wake up and not be carried awy with all the narishkiet of today…. open up our hearts to shamayim and beg for rachamim may hashem have mercy and send the geulak bekirov and these lowlife arab yemach shemom hashem yenokem damam…

  3. Oy! Baruch dayan emes. This is what I feared might happen when my daughter was in seminary (she was meanwhile worried about us because, at the time, our area of Suburban Washington, DC, was under seige for a month from unknown snipers). What a nightmare!!!

  4. Baruch Dayan Emes! such shocking news,

    But isnt it a fact that the malach hamoves never comes when people are learning Torah??

  5. A very sad day for Klal Yisrael.
    I think everyone needs to come to the realization that something needs to be done, and quick.
    Olmert and cronies are just dancing around doing nothing (actually giving more and more)- lets get someone in who will take care of the problem.
    The PLO want their own state, give it to them, just have the same rules that they will have- absolutly not one arab allowed in the state of Israel- shoot them if they do come in.

  6. This is terrible. i do not think there has ever been a similar incident since the Chevron massacre in 1929. Hashem Yerachem. Vehachodesh hazeh yeyofech miyogoin lesimcho.

  7. Buric Dayen Huemes…
    Whats left say is: We Want Mushiach Now!
    so much in one day is mamesh “ek velt”
    a yoim tfilah must be called by all rabbunim.

  8. They are dancing in the streets of Gaza celebrating this unfortunate attack,
    and here at home they are looking into the ‘LEGALITY’ of bombing civilian neighberhoods in Gaza.

    what a mentaly messed up government.

  9. All Yiddin should be saying tehillim for these choshava bochrim and if you do not then may Hashem have mercy on your soul. Boys attacked while celebrating a rosh chosesh seuda and while learning Tora these rotzchim are the emmeser Amoleck

  10. I’m sick to my stomach that people exist that actually rejoice when slaughter of this kind is undertaken, having been informed that the people in Gaza are giving out candies in celebration. How dark are their souls! May HaShem hasten the just retribution — although their glee and the evil within from which it stems — will surely bring about its own just end.

  11. Chillul Hashem that the “leaders” of our people , being the leaders of Israel, don’t respond harshly. We have treat the victims as if they were our own biological brothers. Harsh and swift vengeance must be carried out!!!

  12. During the first intifada, Henry Kissingr said that Israel should close off the shtachim to journalists and take care of business. It’s a shame Israel didn’t listen.

  13. Coachred613, you got it backwards. Tzahal can have all the soldiers and ammunition in the world. But without the oilam in the Mir and other Yeshivos saying tehillim and learning Torah, the soldiers and arms vet gornisht helfen.

  14. Rabbosai! This is a wake up call from shomayim to do teshuva, learn more Torah, and strengthen our mitzvos and masim toivim.
    “Im Hashem lo yishmor eir shov shokad shomer” We have to be stronger in our emunah and know and firmly believe that “ein lonu lehishoain ela al ovinu shabashomayim”
    May we be zoche to the geula shelaima real soon and all have a good gebentchter chodesh!

  15. ברוך דיין האמת!
    “מי שאמר לעולמי די יאמר לצרותינו די”
    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
    ושכל עם ישראל יזכה לחודש טוב ומבורך ונזכה לימים שיהפכו מאבל ליום טוב ומיגון לשמחה ו”נהפוך הוא – אשר ישלטו היהודים המה בשונאיהם! ארורים כל הרשעים, ה’ ינקום את דמם

  16. I went to the Levaya of a 24-year old bochur today, read about Rabbi Segal, a”h, and now this. The Ribono Shel Olam wants us to do more than shake our heads. He wants to shake us up and get us thinking. We each have our own reflection to do. Cheshbon Hanefesh seems appropriate for Parshas Pekudei.

  17. Dear Aishes Chayil,
    What kind of comment is that. These pure kids were murdered in a yeshiva. I think at this time all our tefilos should be with their mishpochas.

  18. To my fellow YW readers: I think we should all together cry out with tears:

    Avinu Malkeinu Nekom Nikmas Dam Avadechuh Hashufuch. and Aveenu Malkeinu Batel Machshevos Son’einu.

    May the niftarim HY”D be malitzei Yosher for the entire Klal Yisrael and May we never hear such tzaros.

  19. IT is Rosh Chodesh ADAR II.This is a bad time for Amolek to start up with Yisroel! Listen to the message of Mordechai and Esther,TESHUVO

  20. Baruch Dayan HaEmet
    אבינו מלכנו, נקום דם עבדיך השפוך !!!!

    One of the young boys injured is a 14 year old boy that got terribly wounded. He is in the hospital, fighting for his life. Earlier this week, he left him home in Sderot to come to Yerushalayim to get away from the bombing in Sderot….

    Please pray for the injured children:
    Naftali ben Gila
    Yonatan ben Avital
    Shimon ben Tirza
    Nadav ben Hadas
    Reuven ben Naomi
    Elchanan by Zehava
    שיר למעלות,
    אשא עיני אל ההרים
    מאיין יבוא עזרי.
    עזרי מעם ה’
    עושה שמיים וארץ
    אל ייתן למוט רגלך
    אל ינום שומרך
    הינה לא ינום ולא יישן
    שומר ישראל
    ה’ שומרך ה’ צילך
    על יד ימינך
    יומם השמש לא יככה וירח בלילה
    ה’ ישמורך מכל רע
    ישמור את נפשך
    ה’ יישמור צאתך ובואך
    מעתה ועד עולם

  21. “Maaseh Avos Siman Labanim” Like the massacre in Chevron Yeshiva. Hashem should be “Menachem” all the Mishpocos that have sufferred in this tragic atttack.

  22. Chillul Hashem that the “leaders” of our people , being the leaders of Israel, don’t respond harshly. We have treat the victims as if they were our own biological brothers. Harsh and swift vengeance must be carried out!!!

    Comment by ImustShteig

    Really its a Chillul Hashem if we don’t respond harshly, who gave you that pasak that we have to kill more of them, and that is the answerer, has that helped in the past? imustshtieg why don’t you actually learn something.

  23. Words cannot describe the pain I feel in my heart for the families and friends of the dead and wounded from this horrible attack. I hope that everyone says Tehillim for the injured and dead.
    P.S. does anyone realize that Purim is just around the coner and this is happening! We have a new Haman… an Arab! Haman was a descendent of Amalek, so are these evil people! Arab-Amalek… many similarities.

  24. from BBC News.
    “When we got in… we saw young, 15-, 16-year-old guys lying on the floor with their Bibles in their hands – all dead on the floor”

    btw can YWN get us some photos?

  25. To #11:

    50 years ago in Kfar Chabad, a terrorist infiltrated the Yeshiva and murdered three students and their teacher (fewer than todays awful terror rampage, but the terror attack was of identical nature) . Boruch Dayan emes.

  26. we should make sure other people at the mir and other places are keeping their eyes out for who is there and get a security gaurd at every yeshiva

  27. The Israeli Government is not doing enough to safeguard our country. Every Seminary and Yeshivah should have security guards in their schools.Unfortuneatly, it is not safe to study in ISRAEL.

  28. First Intifada started during Shmittah 5747. The next Shmittah year 5754 was Oslo, the 2nd Intifada started Shmittah 5761.
    Is there a possibility that this could be the start of a third Intifada?
    It’s Purim, B”H, a good month for defeating our enemies. Let’s kick those Arabs back to where they belong! The deepest fires of Gehenom!

  29. Rabbosai,

    We need to take a strong and hard look at ourselves, these things do not happen for no reason. For this to happen on the eve of Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis, is serious stufee. This is supposed to be the time of being marbim b’simcha, and after this Hash-m must be sending us all a very strong message to change our ways towards Him and our other fellow yidden.

    Everyone maybe should be mekabel to do something l’refuas shelaima the wouned or l’zechus for this not happen again one small thing for even a week or for the whole the month of Adar and show
    Hash-m that we are/willtaking something from this and will help us make ourselves better.

    Have a good Shabbos

  30. The Arab world, as a collective whole, must be made to understand that Medinat Yisrael is not going anywhere. Moreover, they have to made to understand that as a collective whole they are responsible for each act of terror. An Arab fires a rocket into S’derot, the Arabs of Dearborn, Michigan are culpable for it. Additionally, the world must see that the blood of Jewish scholars is not cheap. Desecrate our Torah in this way and we will respond in kind. It is high time that Israel correct its mistake of June 1967 and blow up the Al Aksa Mosque as well as the Dome of the Rock. All the worlds Arabs will then understand that from now on they bear collective responsibility for what any of them do, and this attack on our Kodshei Kodshim cost them their’s. The world should understand that Hakamat haMedinah was but the first step in bringing about our geulah. Destroying those mosques is the begining of the next step; preparing the land for the Binyan Adei Ad.

  31. Some of the Bochrim in serious condition
    נפתלי בן גילה
    יונתן יצחק בן אביטל
    שמעון בן תרזה
    נדב בן הדסה
    ראובן בן נעמי
    אלחנן יוסף בן זהבה

  32. Dear Yeshiva World- please post this as a post. I am tying to get this spread as much as it can be. Thanks.

    We all know what has happened today at Yeshivat Mercas HaRav. Eight yeshiva students, five high schoolers and three yeshiva gedola students, were killed in cold blood by an Arab with a kippa. PLEASE, we cannot let this go on without this changing us in some way. We must do two things: ONE, in whatever way you can, fight against this injustice. Whenever you see any slanted media reporting, write a letter to the editor. Write or call the White House about Jonathan Pollard or Darfur. Check Israeli websites EVERY DAY and subscribe to their email list to keep up on the news. Comment on their sites. Comment on blogs. Call politicians. Hashem gave us free choice, and we have the power to change the world if we so will it. SECOND: we have to look within ourselves and our society and find what it is that is faulty within us. Whether it is society at large- and there is no lack of that- or ourselves as a whole, WE MUST CHANGE, or there will be no end to the tragedy! The Ribono Shel Olam is looking down at us from shamayim and waiting to see our reaction when we are killed and trampled on. And this is why I am begging you to please do two thing: one, to take on a kaballah, any kaballah, that you will do something to end the tragedy within us- whether it is an email to the White House to free Jonathan Pollard every day, whether it is davening every day, whether it is spreading ahavas chinam in klal Yisrael- TAKE ON SOMETHING to show Hashem that we really care, and do not live our lives in our bubble. Look within yourself to see what it is that Hashem wants you to be and begin working on that goal. TWO- START SAYING ACHEINU every day. Stand up and say it in shul, school, on the train, wherever there are Jews who belong to our nation. This cannot go on forever. We must stop this and bring forth the Mashiach already. ***Enough is enough.***

    Please daven for the injured:
    Naftali ben Gila
    Yonatan ben Avital
    Shimon ben Tirza
    Nadav ben Hadas
    Reuven ben Naomi
    Elchanan by Zehava

    and say Tehillem for them and those who tragically were killed. Also tragic is the attack on Israeli soldiers this morning, and Rabbi Segal’s death.
    Tens of rockets fall on Sderot each day. We cannot let this go on!
    Mercas HaRav’s address is Mercas@mercas.org
    Hamakom Yinacheim Osom Misoch Avlei Tzion V’Yerushalayim.

  33. Has anyone seen the pictures? I don’t think any mentaly sane person would be glad about this attack, even if it would happen to their worst enemy. That’s the difference btwn. a yid and an arab. May we all be zoche to see moshiach soon.

  34. #44 – you have a point about intifadahs (and increased attacks) starting during shmittah…. the Arabs have lots of extra $$ from selling produce to Yiddin..guess we can figure out where at least some of that money is going.

  35. BD”E! HY”D!

    This is a massive wake-up call! We have to each think what we can better in our lives – even a small kabbalah – to do as a an illui for these Kedoshim.

  36. I just want to express my frustration over comment #8. I feel the same way as #30.

    “#8 I’m more bothered by your comment than by the arabs dancing in Gaza.Aishes chayil my foot!”

    Besides for having the slightest clue as to what chazal mean by that line, (which also shows complete chutzpa), to post such a stupid,immature question at such a horrible time?!! What’s wrong with you?

  37. # 35 A jew is safer in AMERICA???????????
    How could you say that?
    Just yesterday there was a bomb in time square.
    You have to be careful didn’t jews in Germany think they were safe. When Am yisroel is in galus and mashiach isn’t here we are not safe but leave our trust in hashem and not let the goyim destroy us!!!

  38. Hashem Yirachem! May those injured Bochurim have a complete refuah, and may those who were taken from us RL rest peacefully in Gan Eden with all the other Tzaddikim who dies al Kiddush Hashem,

    As far as AC’s comment, I agree with 55.
    30, if you say your more bothered by THAT comment then by the dancing in Gaza, YOU NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!!!

    This is a time for Teshuvah, not for making public attacks!,,,,,54

  39. what is wrong with the so called leaders.

    Attack won’t halt talks – Israel

    The killing of eight people at a Jewish religious college by a Palestinian gunman will not derail peace talks, the Israeli government has said.

  40. After reading #55, I felt I should apologize for the strong wording to Aishes Chayil. Because it really depends on how it was being asked. But the truth is, that kind of question should NOT be posted on a public forum like this. If one legitimately has such a question,they should talk to their rav or rebbi. But to post it just like that, could create unwanted questions in innocent peoples mind.

  41. I cant express my anguish at this horrendous act of terror, may these boys be maylitzei yishorim for all of kllal yisroel.

    When I read comments which I find annoying , I realy try to control my outbursts, but this time I am at the end of my tether!

    Although I dont think A’ Chayil’s remark was one of any malice, it certainly wasnt in place! HOWEVER,,,,,
    The response it got by ‘genius’ nos, 30 was SHOCKING BEYOND WORDS!!

    All kllal yisroel is in mourning; the families of these vicitms are DEVASTATED while THESE LOW LIFE ANIMALS ARE CELABRATING IN GAZA, yet you say YOUR less bothered by THAT than about a comment which has merit(even if it might not have been the time to make it)???????
    and to make matters worst his comment got support!!!!

    BEN TORAH?????
    My foot,,,,,,

    I think you should both apologize to all of Kllal Yisroel for spilling out such insensitive stupidity!!!!

  42. Broker, Pashuta Yid, Nameless etc….

    Tha nk you for being able to ‘read between the lines’ Its comforting to see that there are a majority of posters who think before they push the submit button!

    YW, can you please delete comment number 30? I still have the shivers after reading it!

  43. These deragatory comments are so sad. Don’t we realize that this is exactly what we have to correct and change–baseless hatred!Let us stop criticizing others and focus on our own faults to correct them as a teshuva process to prevent further horrifying incidents to klal yisrael. May we hear the messages that H-shem is sending us, and work on our ahavat chinam, to enable us to bring Mashiach Bmheira! May H-shem avenge the deaths of these precious neshamot and give comfort to their families. Yimche H-shem dima mikol ayin. Let’s stay positive and see the good in others not the bad! Good shabbos. Chodesh tov!

  44. 59, hashmisone,

    ‘,,,,,But to post it just like that, could create unwanted questions in innocent peoples mind.’

    You have a point, however it was the philosophy of the RAMBAM that its OK to ASK and seek
    explanations on ANYTHING!!

  45. #8, though I am sure you meant well, this was probably not the best time to ask that question.

    To answer your question, the malach had to distract Dovid HaMelech before he was able to take his neshama, because Dovid was learning, and, therefore, the malach had no power over him while he was learning.

    Even if that is the case here, maybe, like any concerned person, if one hears some yelling in the halls (where the people might have been headed to the bathroom, for instance), the ones who were learning in the library might have been alarmed (unfortunately, for good reason, in this case in Yerushalayim), and attempted to get up and go investigate to see what they could do to help.

    Whereupon, the terrorist (none of this “so-called” nonsense) did his deed, just as (lihavdil) the malach distracted Dovid and then did his thing.

    such comments that have been posted insinuating that this event is even greater cause for bitachon in, and practice of kochi v’otzem Yadi, is a dispicable chillel shaim shamayim VD”L והשם יכפר בעדם.

  47. Aishes chayil
    I’m happy you were bothered because I was apalled at your comments. After reading it I went out for fresh air then came back and wrote my thoughts.

    I know you were refering to the medrash but what was the point? are you saying they werent learning or you dont beleive the medrash?

    I expect the arabs to dance in Gaza at our pain, I dont expect to see it here.

  48. tO #51 WHO SAID: ‘ I don’t think any mentaly sane person would be glad about this attack, even if it would happen to their worst enemy. That’s the difference btwn. a yid and an arab. ‘

  49. azi


    may this new chodesh of adar bring only simchah and bracha to klal yisrael! may these families and all of klal yisrael have a nechama to this terrible tragedy!

  50. Arc,

    Happy Chodesh and agutten Erev Shabbos!
    Allow me to clarrify! I was bothered at yourcallousness and insensitivity to grieving Jews all over the world. Its quite sad that you dont realize your comment number 30 was not to be published on a public forum which is reading material to all denominations EVEN if you didnt thi k my post was appropriate.

    the fact is, as previous comments were made, its HUMAN to seek explanations. We do say ‘keli keli lomoh azavtani’ and as someone pointed out, the Rambam allowed for question and stressed that they should always be accepted. Ofcourse emunas Hashem is what keeps us together, your right.

    Please in the future , try to express your anger in a less primitive way, and with suitable anologies, rather than ones which might hurt those who are sensitive to this. Whether you expect the arabs to rejoice or not is not a reason for you not to find it any less revolting.Dont worry about my feeling! I dont take you personally or seriously. Lets be dan you lecaff zechus and assume that you slipped a silly comment due to shocking events of last night.

    Neve Aliza,

    Thank you for your support and may we all be Zoiche to the geulah soon

    A lovely shabbos to all!


    maybe every yid should take on a kabalah-doesn’t have to be anything major(learn and extra hr., machsom lfi, give extra tzdakah today, say some tehillim, visit and old lady/man…) l’ole nishmas these karbanos, and for a refuah shlemah to the cholim!

  52. please friends, as we mourn this tradegy, please we all are in pain. we don’t always express oursleves clearly when posting under normal circumstances – we know what we are saying / typing, but it doesn’t always read that way we hear it in our mind.

    one of the lessons of Purim is that we need to come together as a people. Haman haRasha knew us better than we knew ourselves – he recognized the disunity and saw it as an opportune time to strike. We did tsuuva and we unified and we prevailed.

    let’s make a committment amongst ourselves (at lease thorugh Shiva for these young men – and as a z’chus for a R’S for the injured) that when we read a post that seems very odd on the surface to try to get clarification from the poster what they meant and not attack first and ask question later. I am guilty of both not being clear in my posts as well as responding based on the surface of the post as opposed to trying to understand what the other person meant.

    May HaShem avenge the blood of our bothers.
    May HaShem send z R’S to the injured

    May we only hear B’Suros Tovos

  53. Primitive was your reaction. The implication of your comment was callous.
    I agree not everything you think should be typed in a public forum, only I feel it applies to your original thought.
    Questioning RBS”O isn’t to be done in public if that is what your comment meant to do.
    I feel it should have been deleted and am disappointed the moderator let it through.

  54. Your summation in your last post ,76, can only be based on what I WROTE and NOT what I THOUGHT. Since your comments didnt exactly exude common sense,(allow me to stress, they were probably innocent and naive) I highly doubt your a licensed physcologist in order to be able to assess my inner feelings!

    For the record , I stand by my
    73 post sans questioning the RBS’O with any mailice. I DO feel your expression with regard to the celebration in GAZA was a Chillul Hashem Oyom Vinoiroh!

    Feel free to have the last word here and pleassse, please, please, try your best to make it worth everyone’s while !

  55. You have done nothing to change my original thoughts.
    I know people who knew some of the boys and their “ois mentch” and too weak to stand.
    Yet you feel free to throw around implications.

    You can respond with another ad hominum attack and your smart-a comments and closings but you arent denying what you said and meant either.

    Also nothing I wrote was insesitive to grieving people, only to you.

    obviously my comments were in response to what you wrote.

  56. #65 nameless, what you say is 100% true! One better ask & let such questions fester in his or her mind. R’Avigdor Miller always stressed that to us as well. I was just saying, that on a public forum is not the place. Those questions are to be asked to your rav or rebbi.have a good shabbos everyone. May Hahsem destroy & punish all our enemies with the coming of mashiach & may Hashem bless us all, with peace.

  57. 79 It wasnt an “attack”.
    Your post was well put I didnt (and dont) think (becuase she hasnt said otherwise)that was her intention.

    If she was questiong hashem -wrong place- but I apologise.

    I already did apologise for hurting her because that wasnt my intention.

    I have 2 degrees of separation in a few ways to this story and my comment came from my strong feelings for the victims.

  58. I really wasn’t going to do this, but I just heard a shiur on Parchas Shekalim and I felt i really connected with the tragedy in Eretz Yisroel and what we all can do, so I felt I had to share it. May this be a zechus for the neshamos of those precious yiden that were murdered and may it be a zechus for our brothers that are injured and are in critical condition.

    When Hashem told Moshe about the Mitzvah of giving half a shekel to the mishkan Hashem also showed Moshe what 1/2 a shekel looked like. The torah tells us that Hashem showed Moshe a fiery image of a coin. Why did the coin have to be in fire? Why didn’t Hashem just show him an image of a plain coin? What was the significance of the fire?

    The Shem Mishmuel answers that the fire represents the passion and the fervor. The passion that needs to come along with our mitzvohs. A mitzvah has to be accompanied with emotions and with felling, it’s very nice to do a mitzvah, but we also need to FEEL the mitzvah. That was the purpose of the fire, to represent that fiery feeling that needs to accompany the giving of the shekel as well, its not enough just to do the mitzvah, but it needs to be done with feeling, with emotion.

    The Shem Mishuel continues and he says that the only time our enemies could attack us is when this is missing. Only when we don’t have that excitement for mitzvohs do our enemies have power over us. This was the case in the midbar, when Amalek came and ‘’cooled us off’’, it was only because we began serving Hashem by rote. In the time of the Purim story, our enemy was able to attack, only because the fire within us had burned out.

    I don’t think I need to spell it out for all of you, but I will anyway. Yesterday there was a terribly tragic attack in a yeshiva in Yerushalayim. Our enemy attacked us. Our enemy attacks when we are burned out, when the fire within us has been extinguished!. We need to rekindel that fire within ourselves! We need to put back the passion and fervor into our mitzvohs! We can’t just do mitzvohs by rote, on automatic, like robots. We need the excitement and the passion. We need to awaken our hearts, reignite that flame!

    Maybe we all should pick one mitzvah, not too big, and try to think about the mitzvah when you do it, try to put in some feeling and concentration as you perform the mitzvah. May this be a zechus for all of Klal Yisroel, and may we all be zoche to soon see the coming of Moshiach, b’mhaira v’yamenu!! Have a Good Shabbos! Chodesh Tov!

  59. 85, ‘Pashuta’ Yid,

    I must say, after reading your posts; your the farthest thing from A PASHUTA yid I can think of!
    Your learned, an Ohev Shalom Virodef Shalom, and according to the pseudonym you chose for yourself, an extreme Onov!! Please change your screen name to CHUSHEVER yid and continue inspiring us all with your comments!


    Frankly I think AC’s comment was right on the money and the timing was perfect. Dont forget, this IS A WEBSITE VISITED BY THOUSANDS! It takes that one special person to stumble on such a post who might be able to strengthen everyone’s emunah with his or her answer! Whereas if she goes and seeks an explanation by her Rav, ONLY she will get an answer,

  60. Pashuteh Yid-

    My point was not to point a finger and say why this tragedy happened. Of course we can not do that!! Hashem’s way are very intricate and complex and no human being could begin to understand why Hakadosh Baruch Hu does something, it’s impossible. But we do know that when there is a tzara, be it personal or national, one is suppose to be “yifashfef b’maasa”, we are suppose to examine our actions, to figure out what we can fix within ourselves that may not be up to par with how it should be. I could not help but see the coincidence, or as we say, “KA-incidence,” with the fact that this tragedy happened the week of Parshas Shekalim, right before Purim, before Adar, when during this month we are suppose to be working on our passion and hislahavus for mitzvohs. I am not saying is what caused the tragedy, CHAS V’SHALOM, I would never say that, but maybe this is what Klal Yisroel needs to work on, maybe this is the tikun that Klal Yisroel needs to be able to usher in Moshiach. May we all be zoche to see the end of all tzaros with the coming of moshiach b’miherah v’yamenu!!

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I hope this clarified any misconceptions.