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More Tragedy In Eretz Yisroel….Young (American) Mother & Daughter Killed In Crash

candle62.gif(Click HERE for photos) Just one day after the shooting attack in Yeshivas Mercaz Harav, Hatzolah Israel members were called to another tragic scene this morning on “Uzi Narkis Blvd.” next to Pisgat Zeev in Northern Jerusalem.
A Frum driver that was giving a young Frum American Family a ride, collided head on with another car. Tragically, the 23 year old Mother and her 1 year old daughter were R”L pronounced dead at the scene from the extent of their injuries.
The driver and his passenger, who is the husband and father of the 2 victims, were also badly injured.
The Father was taken by Magen David Adom to Haddassah Ein Karem hospital, in very serious condition. At last report, he was unconscious with head and chest wounds, and was not informed yet of his tragic losses. (TEHILLIM: Moshe Halevi ben Sima)

The driver was evacuated to Shaarei Zedek hospital in moderate to serious condition with chest and head wounds.
Moshe Weissmandl, one of the first Hatzolah Israel volunteers on the scene, tells YWN: “as the teams were trying to resuscitate the baby, and the other victims were being prepared for transport, I leaned over into the car to turn off the engine and heard the cars stereo that was playing all the while. The words on the tape as I turned off the engine, were Mashiach Ben David”………….

UPDATE 9:22AM EST: The Levaya of Devora Levenberg (Aidelman, maiden name) A”H from Los Angeles and her 1-year-old daughter, took place this afternoon at 3:15PM at Har HaMenuchos in Yerushalayim.

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  1. The father was sitting amongst the wreckage, his daughter 2 feet to his left with cpr in progress, and his wife also undergoing cpr, two feet to his right…and kept on asking me, hows my daughter is my wife……

  2. The message we are getting from Shomayim is that HaShem wants us to do Teshuva. I guess we all have to look into our own hearts and find what to rectify. Believe me, I don’t have to look too far to find faults in myself. Instead of all of us pointing out the mistakes in each other, let’s for once point to ourselves and do a real “Pesach” cleaning of our Neshomos.

  3. What a tragic 2 days it has been. The choleh is English born, his parents are at home in Golders Green waiting to fly out on motzei shabbos- all the women/girl neighbours in the block are saying tehillim together after lecht benschen. Please join us wherever you are to daven for this yungerman and for the other survivors of yesterdays attack on Mercaz Harav yeshiva bochurim.

  4. This was the most amazing girl-her and her husband were always the first to help their friends-great baalai chased. This is a monumental loss for klal israel-May hashem give moshe and their families the strength to survive this great tragedy.

  5. Baruch Dayan Haemes!
    Does anyone know if this is the daughter of “Rabbi” Aidelman from LA?

    We should know of only simchas and the geula b’korov!

  6. Yes this is the (only) daughter of Rabbi Aidelman of Los Angeles.
    This is a tragedy for the whole community, and klal yisroel.

  7. dear yisroel,
    i am so very sorry to hear about your daughter andgrandaughter. We are saying many prayers for your son-in-law and hope that he has a speedy recovery. We are thinking of your whole family at this time and although we never met her, Lynda told me so many wonderful things.
    I will try to call you soon.
    Ellie (cousin from New Orleans)

  8. my name is juan, i actually knew and as a kid use to go to devora’s house and play with her and her brothers…my mom is the housekeeper for devora’s family in LA since the early 90’ prayers go out to her family so they can have the strengh to survive this great tragedy…Devora was an amazing person and her family is so beautiful and i have faith that they will make it through these hard times..I’m still in shock…My heart and prayers go out to the family and my mom because she loved so much devora.

  9. ברוך דיין האמת
    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
    ןשלא שמע עוד שוד ושבר בגבולינו

  10. The family would like to ask, if anyone knows of, or has a recording of the Hepedim, please can you post a link to it on this site. If you have it, but are unable to post it online, please can you call Sholom Adelman on 538 3975. Many thanks.

  11. For those of you who were don’t know Devorah…
    I went to school with her for twelve years. She was a grade below me, but we were always together as a school for events, assemblies and productions. She was beatiful inside and out. She was always with a smile. As I think about her now, in elementary school, highschool etc, in virtually every image, she is smiling. She was not just friendly, but she reached out to people as well. At school events, I felt like instead of being part of the center of the action, she would search out the girl who was standing off to the side, and introduce herself, talk to her, and make her feel included. She was part of almost every chesed organization in school, and voluteered for school events. Her decorum was incredibly refined. She knew how to have fun with her friends, enjoy school, but was never “loud”. Her midos were beautiful, as was she. Her kind and giving mannerisms must be hereditary…
    Her father owns THE kosher grocery store in LA, and because of his boundless generosity literally hundreds of families are able to put food on their tables for shabbos and Yom Tov. A lot of these families are not desperate enough to qualify for other aid programs within the community, and he lets people buy on credit in his store, which gets many many families through Yom Tov etc. The amount of Chesed he and his wife do is remarkable. He is truely a pillar of the community.
    My heart breaks for her parents, because on some level, I actually have a concept of what it is they lost. For the family- there really are no words, nothing that will or can make the pain better, so I won’t even try. All I have to say it is that on some level we all lost. We lost the ability to have someone we know who we can point to and say “be like her.”
    To her brothers:
    Keep your big sister’s memory alive, and never forget what you lost. May her good qualities inspire you to do chesed in her memory and give her neshama an aliyah. I’m so sorry for you…
    May she be a melitz yoshor for all of us, and may she be reunited with her family when mashiach comes. Hamakom yenachem eschem be’soch she’ar aveilei tzion veyerushalayim.

  12. I spoke to someone who visited Moshe Levenberg last night in the hospital, and says that he is B”H awake and out of danger. He is being moved out of Intensive Care, and is recuperating. Very unfortunate that he has to sit Shiva in a hospital bed.

  13. I was in sem with her. she was the most amazing girl!! I didn’t have much to do with her but all I remember about her was her cheerful disposition, smile and a ready hand to help everyone. May her passing be a kappara for us all.

  14. Thank you all for the comments and whoever knew my sister i am sorry u lost a friend. I do feel that much better that people actually cared about my sister enough to write here

    thanks alot

  15. Devorah was one of the most amazing people I knew and a true role model. She was always happy and offering a helping hand and never asking for anything in return. This is truly am AMAZING family!!! Hamakom yenachem eschem be’soch she’ar aveilei tzion veyerushalayim.

  16. A Kennus Hosorerus was held on Motzai shabbos in the shul in Neve Yaakov. Tehillim were recited for the injured, bereaved, husband.

    Diveri hisorerus were delived by Rav Sholom Adelman, a Rosh Yeshiva in Yerushalayim and the Mora d’Asra of Minyan Avrechim-Tel Arza. Rabbi Adelman is a first cousin of the nifteres a”h.

  17. Re: Well — March 8, 2008 @ 9:51 pm

    My mother read your post and it is so heartfelt. my mother would really like to know who you are. Please e-mail your e-mail to [email protected], my mother would like to speak to you, or if you have the phone number to my house that would be great too.

  18. my son told me that all the hespedim were taped-if the family still has not received a copy please let me know and i’ll have my son arrange that they receive it. I am so heartbroken for Moshe and Devorah’s family-Devorah was incredible.

  19. good evening, my name is pablo and I would like to express my deepest thoughts and prayers to the aidelman family. I pray for them so they can have the strenght and guidence to continue and to stand in tough situations like these ones. my mother is the housekeeper for the aidelman family she has being there since all the aidelman children were small, and she as well has being hit really hard from this unthinkable situation. I would also like to let the aidelman family know that this tragedy is being felt and mourn by all my fellow military community here at ft. jackson, south carolina. We are with you throughout these hardship moments.

  20. When i heard the terrible news, i couldn’t handle it, the pain is so unbearable.
    I live in yerushalayim and all the LA girls were calling each other and sharing our memories of Devorah as a nechama.
    Devorah was so young, yet she touched so many lives in so many ways. Everyone i spoke to remembers her trademark smile, and love for her fellow jew.
    Devorah was two grades younger than me in school, and every time i think of her i see a beautiful girl with her trademark smile. I saw her recently she made me feel so special, she asked how i was doing, what i was up to these days and about my baby. Devorah and i were not close friends at all, yet she made me feel so good, she made a difference.
    I remember when Devorah spoke at camping trip in high school, she gave a dvar torah over with such confidence and as always her smile. She went over to the girl who was standing alone and spoke to her, made her feel good she went out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable.
    I feel so privliged to have known Devorah.
    She was a true bas yisroel in every sense. She was a tzanua, she davened with such kavana, had outstanding middos and she greeted everyone bsafer panim yafos.
    She was the girl everyone wanted to be like, she was a girl who was one of us but at the same time our role model.
    Devorah is terribly missed.
    May she be a malitz yosher for us all.
    Hamakom yenachem eschem be’soch she’ar aveilei tzion yerushalayim.

  21. Hi my name is rudy. I’m the third and final son of marina who has been working in the aidelman’s house for a very long time. My mom has know devorah since she was a little girl. This is a big tragedy that occurred, i personally can’t believe it when my mom called me on the phone, crying, when she told me the bad news. I still remember the times me and my brothers used to go to their house to play with all the kids while we waited till my mom would finish working so that we could head home. She will always be remembered in the hearts of all the people that known her. May devorah and her little daughter rest in peace and for her husband, Moshe, to recuperate from this tragic event

  22. We were all shocked to hear about this tragedy R”L. I remeber Devora from camp (years ago..)as the sweetest warmest happiest person. I cant even picture her without a smile on her face! Even though i was much younger than her, devora was still so nice to me ignoring the age gap. Just one week before this tragedy took place, on motzei shabbos i was at a melave malka tea for kollel america, and as i was talking to someone, out of the corner of my eye i saw someone who i was pretty sure was devora. (i hadn’t seen her in years so i couldn’t be 100% sure)I wanted to say hi to her, but by the time i finished talking to the other girl, i didn’t see her anymore. (does anyone know if Devora was there- i want to know if it was really her) How i wish i could have said hello to her, one last time…. Devorah was such a beautiful and wonderful person, her attitude, her middos etc. May Hashem bring a nechama to all the family and friends who miss her so terribly. Hamakom yenachem aschem besoch sha’ar avlei tzion v’yerushlayim.

  23. I was a roomate of Devora in sem. She was the friendliest, happiest, most helpful girl. She was always willing to help someone out and do them a favour. Although we weren’t close friends, I learnt a tremendous amount from her. May she and her daughter be a malitz yosher for her family and all of klal yisroel.Hamakom yenachem eschem be’soch she’ar aveilei tzion veyerushalayim.

  24. Please say tehillim for Moshe Halevei ben Feiga he has just got a fever, so davening will surely help.
    (Moshe is the husband) and my brother-in-law.

  25. Shalom Ubracha.

    I write this note as a follow up to the recent tragic events in Eretz Yisrael, namely the terrible shooting and car accident.

    I have the zechus to work in a program for post high school teens returning to their roots, called Yesod – a program more a family of Rabbeim and students than a program, as will be self evident from the story i’d like to share.

    Rabbi Shalom Aidelman, 1st cousin to the nifteres in the crash, Devorah Levenberg, is senior staff in the Yesod program. Today he spoke openly and powerfully about the tzaros, sharing feelings and stories as one does with family. He encouraged the Yesod mishpacha to respond to these events with more life, more simcha and more Torah.

    And respond they did. Particularly two of the yound men in the program, Gilad and Avidan, driven by love for their Rebbe, rallied the rest of the students to join them this evening for a special half hour learning seder in memory of the niftarim- instead of taking the regularly scheduled Tuesday night off.

    The half hour turned out to be and hour and half, followed by maariv, of teaching and tears, sharing and laughing – of chizuk and talmud torah. Of emeseh ruchnius.

    A singularly powerful experience.

    Please share this with your readership, who, as can be seen from responding comments to the posts about the painful news in Israel care very much for klal yisrael. Surely this story will strengthen them and perhaps even inspire further positive action.

    yours truly, josh goldberg.

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