Report: Israel Is Close To Launching a Full Military Campaign in Gaza Strip


Following another night of tension along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, in which dozens of rockets were fired at Israeli civilians, Israel’s security apparatus are currently weighing whether or not they will open a fully fledged military campaign against Hamas in the strip and its army of fire kite bombers.

The Defense Ministry was supposed to decide in the next few hours whether or not hold a large scale operation and send soldiers into the strip.

According to high ranking officials who were interviewed by Kikar Shabbat news service, “Israel is very close indeed to giving the green light to a full-scale military operation. If there is no alternative, then that is what we will do.”

The IDF presented their plans for a full mobilization in the Gaza Strip a few days ago to the political echelon of government, following the intensification of the conflict in recent days. Another option that was discussed was a return to the tactic of targeted assassinations.

Simultaneously, Iron Dome interceptors have been spread across the Gaza border.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. it certainly is time to realize that IDF air strikes do nothing to stop the terrorists. either they are going to have to go in and make seder or they are going to have to come up with a new plan like assanination of the top heads or something better than blowing up empty warehouses.

    and BTW, iron dome is not so successful either…..

  2. Hashem should watch over every single one of our soldiers going into battle and we should all pray for their safety and well being.

  3. WHat do you do once you take over? Call in abbas? Destroying empty training facilities or warehouses has not been a deterrent.

  4. @readynow-this is the Israeli Prime speaking, at your request we will stop the Eurovision in Israel. We have lovingly read all your protesting comments and after much thought, we came to this crucial decision. Rest assured, the Eurovision will not be taking place in Israel. Btw, would you be interested in a position with Israeli PR? Your skills are just outstanding and fabulous.I will be waiting by the door of the Israeli Knesset for your letter back. With deep respect, Thank You.

  5. Dear litvishechossid -NATANYAHU RE:
    @readynow-this is the Israeli Prime speaking, at your request we will stop the Eurovision in Israel. ETC ETC

    Please, Mr Natanyahu, on behalf of the Israeli Nation I thank you for finally waking up and seeing that the Eurovision in Israel is a magnet for Gaza bombs and burning kites, which could only be stopped by a nuclear bomb and NOT by the posting of our troops in a hopeless situation, endangering them and having zero effect on the invading bombs, kites, and drones.
    Yes, I will continue with PR for Israel, in a voluntary manner. Shalom shalom.

  6. @Readynow. Duly noted. We will drop an atomic bomb on them. We appreciate your PR efforts. And yes, I have saved Israel. I’m proud myself. And all due to your actions. Thank You.

  7. A. Maybe the prime minister should stop just talking about the “mighty” idf and also say with G-ds mighty help.
    B.if there is an action perhaps a triple harder to break through fence system should be available to put up as well and a very high one

  8. Dear litvishechossid,

    I don’t for a moment believe your story about the nuclear bomb, so please stick it in your back pocket.
    The whole point of our exchange was for you ( as P M Natanyahu) to ban Eurovision in Israel in order to convince our Maker to kindly, in His expansive rachmunos, stop the attacks on us from Gaza.
    But you have mixed it up!
    Oy vey!