Israel: Police Enforcement Targets Bicyclists Who Ignore Crosswalks, Red Lights & Traffic Law



An Israel Police Traffic Enforcement Unit spokesman explains an operation was recently conducted with a focus on bicycle riders and the failure to stop at designated crosswalks and at red lights, as the law requires.

During the past year there has been an increase in the number of cyclists injured, 10 of them killed while cycling (including electric bicycles). The spokesman’s statement says, “Along with this, the Israel Police continues its uncompromising struggle against road accidents, and the data indicate a 44% dramatic increase in enforcement against cyclists. The emphasis on enforcement against offenses that endanger all road users is a deterrent to cyclists and pedestrians, with the ultimate goal of saving lives and reducing the number of casualties.”

The traffic enforcement unit has carried out intensive enforcement activities in the Tel Aviv area against the life-threatening offenses of cyclists and pedestrians. The activity focused mainly on the offense of crossing red traffic lights, not yielding priority, driving carelessly and using a mobile phone without a hands-free device.

Police explain the objective of the enforcement is to protect the lives of riders and pedestrians and to raise awareness of the proper and safe riding in compliance with traffic laws.

During the operation dozens of cyclists were documented committing serious offenses endangering them and all road users. Summonses were issued to the same riders for the offenses they committed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Video Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit)


  1. they should do it in New York too, not only at the end of the month they should crack down for once and for good, then citi-bike will be attractive to me. becasuse now its impossible to return your bike on time if you obey the laws

  2. electric bicycles are very dangerous. kids whiz by on sidewalks almost bumping into people who can not hear them.

    they should have the same law as motorcycles. the person using one must have a license and be on the street!