Town Near Montreal Evicts Group Of Hasidic Jews From House; They Allege Anti-Semitism


Quebec’s Superior Court has ordered a group of Hasidic Jews to vacate a house in a town north of Montreal, The Canadian Press reported Sunday.

Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Mayor Denis Chalifoux said the town sought the court order because the group is using the residence as a place of worship, in violation of local bylaws.

Chalifoux alleges that up to 60 mostly young people come to stay temporarily in two or three duplexes or triplexes on the property each summer, where he says they hold loud gatherings that disturb neighbors.

“They create a nuisance, there’s garbage all around the house, they go to bed at 2 a.m. and bang drums,” he said in a phone interview.

Chalifoux said the neighbourhood is zoned for residential use only, and the rules do not permit buildings to be used as places of worship, dormitories, or summer camps.

He said the town has sent numerous letters, warnings and citations since 2015 to try to resolve the conflict, but had no success.

However, Montreal’s La Presse newspaper quoted an anonymous member of the group as saying the problem wasn’t the group’s behavior, but rather the fact that its members were Jewish.

Chalifoux denied any allegations of anti-Semitism, noting that the area is home to a large Jewish population and there haven’t been any similar conflicts with other groups.

“The Jewish community has been here (in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts) for 100 years or more,” he said.

“They founded the city with us, and we have a very good relationship with them.”

While the injunction originally required the group to leave by Sunday, Chalifoux said the city has extended the deadline and the community has agreed to leave by July 26.

“We gave them until July 26 to leave because there are young children with them and I imagine those kids need to go elsewhere,” he said, adding that the city had a “good collaboration” with the group at the moment.


  1. Stop using the anti semitic card Everytime. Its getting old and rusty.
    Perhaps the goyim should educate these self made chassidim on the meaning of chillul shem hashem bifarhesya, because apparently thier rabbanim failed to teach it to them!

  2. but they can party like drunkards every weekend and finish off barrels of beer and whiskey and wine and dine until the wee hours of the morning and celebrate like hooligans when a sports team wins something…

  3. Any commentator here actually know, personally, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts? I don’t, so I prefer to not comment until the real details are revealed, but I have to say that the knee-jerk cries of anti-Semitism only fuels more anti-Semitism , and also leads to people ignoring cries when *real* anti-Semitism surfaces. This place (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts) is where the “Lev Tahor” sect hid ujntil it was forced to leave, leading there too to false cries of anti-Semitism.

  4. Just found the report on a Jewish Canadian site. The street on which this happened is the very same street that had housed “Lev Tahor”.

  5. Don’t know if this case is anti-semitism, but St. Agathe is famous for being terribly anti semitic. I used to go with my family close by in the summer, and it was common knowledge that going into SA could turn out unpleasantly, so I don’t buy for a second that they have a good relationship with the jews. This is actually one time where it may be anti semitism, though I guess it’s tough to know.

  6. Takes2-2tango: You have no idea what is going on there and neither do I. Why do you automatically not give your fellow Yidden the benefit of the doubt. What’s getting rusty is the people screaming all the time “stop using the anti semite beh shmeh…” Find out the facts if it bothers you so much and then talk. Every one of these occasional incidents (yeh I know, it’s all the time beh shmeh…) is different groups of people, not the same people screaming anti semite. There ARE and always HAVE BEEN ANTI SEMITES, yes ANTI SEMITES. Look at the history, it’s a halacha Eisav Sonei L’Yakov”. STOP blaming the victims. Yes, there are many many nice non Jews and they are not all anti semites, but there unfortunately are a lot of them out there and I hop none of them ever bother you. Moses Mendelsohn and Herzel and many others had their ideas of why there is anti Semitism and how they are better and the goyim won’t bother them beh shme shmeh…. , it’s all old trash. Le’s get on with Ahavas Chinam and end this galus already.

  7. The issue here is not just the permit and not that partucular town.
    The issue is the often used approach by Chasidish groups of not giving any care or consideration to the neighbors or existing residents. If an Indian or Chinese family moved into a house in Monsey and stayed to themselves, kept garbage where it should be, parked properly, walked on the side walks not in the road, made way for other users, greeted neighbors properly, etc etc then nobody has any issue with the fact that they dress and speak differently.
    But if its perceived as usual for Chasidish families not to be meticulous in the above, but to try and enforce their ‘rights’ to hold large gatherings with all the nuisances that go with it, then no wonder they are treated like gypsies. Thats not Anti semitism. That is a culmination of years of CHILUL HASHEM and it starts with a rotten education system where they are not taught how to correctly interact with others outside the faith. We are is Golus even in America and need to keep heads down and not allow for opportunities for hatred to be kindled.

  8. TheMir: very interesting that you go straight on bashing chassidim… as one who lives in lkwd and has seen So called Bnei Torah yeshiva buchurim driving around bein hamanim without license, Smoking in middle of the street, all while wearing they’re hat & jacket…I wonder why you bash chasidim….
    Yes we all have problems, some more and some less…every community has educated & Refined Middosdige people & people that are not well educated & have zero midos….its not right to go bash an entire community….

  9. Isn’t there a bais din in Montreal? Someone should clue the local non-Jews in that non-Jews can take Jews to bais din when there is a problem. This was done years ago at least once that I know of in NY where a frum landlord was refusing to make repairs. His tenants took him to bais din, and their rent money was placed in escrow by the bais din until the repairs were made.

    If the non-Jewish people of this town got wise, they could do this too, get the problem taken care of, and the defendants wouldn’t be able to shout “anti-Semitism!”

  10. @georgeg I have experienced anti-semitism there. I am not from the area… I did get lost in the area while visiting. I walked in to a store that had customers inside for directions and immediately was approached by one of the workers (maybe the owner) and was told the store was closed. I got similarly cold responses outside of the store when asking people for directions. The one person who took the time to to respond to me told me the wrong way to go (I found out afterwards.

    This was before GPS units were readily available.

  11. I once got stuck in kj upstate. Walked into the main bais medrash and asked a fellow for directions and he purposely gave more wrong directions. Most likly because his yarmulka wad bigger then mine. The true antisemites are within our own midst. You dont have to go outside to find it.

  12. I go to the Laurentian every year never experienced any anti-antisemitism there, they all are very nice and helpful.
    georgeg is right it’s a Yeshiva that bought off the buildings from Lev Tohar and no wonder they want them out,
    BTW. i always bump in to Yeshiveshi guys, coming from NY/NJ there flying around and acting not very Torahdig, this may be a Chillul Hashem

  13. Takes 2- You’re wrong this time. I can corroborate that St. Agath is terribly antisemitic, and it’s common knowledge by everyone who lives in montreal. We avoided driving through there when I was a kid and weren’t allowed out of the car.