Israeli Couple in Honduras Zip-Lining Accident; Husband Killed, Wife Injured


A newlywed Israeli couple on their honeymoon collided while zip-lining in Honduras, leaving the husband dead and the wife seriously injured, Honduran authorities said.

According to the La Prensa news website, the couple was on a cruise that had stopped in Roatan, a popular tourist destination. The island has several zip-line attractions that zoom tourists over treetops at high speeds.

Wilmer Guerrero, commander of the Roatan Fire Department, told The Washington Post the wife was zip-lining amid the treetops when she got stuck shortly before 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

As she remained halfway down the cable, her husband came gliding down the zip line from behind, slamming into her, Guerrero said. Honduran news outlets identified the husband as 24-year-old Egael Tishman and the wife as Shif Fanken, 27.

Guerrero said both were still conscious when they arrived at the hospital, with a number of serious injuries including broken ribs.

The following morning, rescue workers were informed that Tishman had died. It is not clear how he perished, but reports indicate it could have been from a brain aneurysm.

On Friday morning, Shif was flown to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she underwent surgery to stabilize her condition.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said Friday that its embassy in Guatemala was arranging for Tishman’s body to be flown back to Israel for burial.