Litzman’s Ultimatum: Resolve Draft Law Within A Week Or I Resign


While Yahadut Hatorah has yet to officially decide its position on the controversial draft law, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, the Gerrer Rebbe’s representative in Knesset has announced his latest ultimatum. He announced on Monday, 26 Tammuz, that if the draft law controversy is not resolved within a week, prior to the end of the Knesset summer session, he will resign his post. Litzman is calling for a delay in the law, as opposed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is working hard to pass the bill into law before the summer session concludes.

Litzman reportedly told PM Netanyahu that additional time is needed to legislate the law, as time is required to explain the matter in detail to the rabbonim and admorim, to explain the pros and cons of the legislation, hence, the need for delay.

There is also the issue of the High Court deadline to legislate a new draft law and if Mr. Netanyahu wishes to accommodate Litzman’s demand, the government will have to seek an extension from the High Court, which the Prime Minister has signaled he does not plan to do.

Litzman, who was health minister, resigned in protest over Chilul Shabbos back in November 2017 and returned as deputy minister with ministerial authority.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How can the law be resolved according to Litzman? By doing what?
    By the way, he’s stuck onto his chair,
    He ain’t gonna resign,
    You know, I know, Bibi knows it, it just lip service

  2. Let him resign
    Whoever is #7 on UTJ will take his place

    Unless one prescribes to the conspiracy that Ger has all along pulled more than a few strings in running this frei medina

  3. I dont get it. Why does iarael bother with elections or for that matter having a prime minister if at the end of the day the polititions will end up threatening to leave ?
    Its no wonder iarael looks the way it does. Its one big circus!

  4. Whew! Not quite sure what drives the anger in some of the commenters. If he is standing up for the sake of Torah principals, why would they not give him due respect. Seems that they hate the Torah as it does not seem that they are taking on the shitah of the other Gedolei Yisroel, as we would not see such anger in that case. Sad.