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Yehoshua Pollack Turns Down Number Two Slot on Peleg List in Jerusalem Mayoral Race

For the time being, Jerusalem Councilman Chaim Epstein, of the Peleg Yerushalmi branch, views himself as a contender in the Jerusalem mayoral race, and he wanted to bring in veteran councilman and askan Yehoshua Pollack, who broke away from Shlomei Emunim. Epstein wants him as number two, to join the Peleg, but Pollack declined.

Pollack responded that for the time being, he prefers to remain in his unofficial job of askonus, to work to assist the tzibur at large where and when he can as a volunteer from Epstein’s office, Yediot Achronot reports.

After Epstein announced his candidacy, the search began to determine who would fill the number two position. Pollack’s name, as a former deputy mayor, came up.

Peleg officials tell the media they are confident they will receive sufficient votes for a second seat around the council table this time around.

Pollack is quoted adding, “There were attempts to bring me into the party in one capacity or another. Bottom line, I passed and for now, I prefer to remain in my askonus on a volunteer basis.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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