Defense Minister Lieberman Promises 400 New Housing Units in Adam in Response to Fatal Terror Attack


Following the fatal terrorist attack in Yishuv Adam on Thursday night, which claimed the life of resident Yotam Ovadia HY”D, and left two others wounded, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced 400 new housing units would be constructed in the community in response.

Lieberman announced that this is the true response and deterrence to such attacks, promising residents 400 new units would be constructed by the government in response to the “cold-blooded murder of the father of a family”.

Deputy Defense Minister (Bayit Yehudi) Eli Ben-Dahan blames the “ongoing incitement in the PA (Palestine Authority) education system for the attack, [a system] that builds hate leading to the murder of Jews”.

Yotam Ovadia HY”D

Ben-Dahan explained the hate is not seen exclusively among the terror organizations, but also “from the well-oiled education system in the PA which preaches hate of Israel from infancy”.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni responded to Defense Minister, calling his words “a reckless political statement by the defense minister who harms security.

“You are confused by the situation – security is provided to you by the IDF and even if you are responsible [for the IDF], not civilians, even if their leaders have political power.”

According to her, “Instead of cutting our lives together with terrorism, we have to act against it and separate from it.”

However, the chairman of Bayit Yehudi and member of the Security Cabinet Minister Bennet, responded to Livni’s remarks:

“Just the opposite Tzipi – Terror enters the place from which we leave.”

“Where there is a flow of life, there is sustainable security – where the lives of civilians are cut off at the end, IDF also disconnects.”

“All Zionism is based on settlement, life, security, and other settlements (Chanita, Tel Hai, Elon Moreh, Nitzana, Jerusalem, Adam).

“The answer to terrorism is the eliminate the terrorists and to build our land”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)